So how many of you are going to get Twisted Metal on launch day?

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I just wanted to see what the general consensus is.

Opps I just realized B. and E. are the same. Fucking weekend.

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Not me, but I was surprised to hear from the girl at the local GameStop that it was there second most preordered game there, behind XIII-2.

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I'm definitely intrigued by it, but not enough to race out (ha, race (you know, because it's a vehicular game (don't tell me that it's not a racing focused game))) and buy it day one.

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Nah...when it drops to like $20 then probably. I think they would have been better served just focusing on the MP and making it a downloadable game.

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I loved TM2 but didn't play Black and the stuff I've seen for this one makes me want to play it. I just don't think I can justify a $60 game in a month or two when I still haven't played Gears 3, Dark Souls, or Alice:Madness Returns (all of which I am dying to play) and I have unfinished Skyrim, Saints 3, and Back to the Future

That free TM: Black is a might fine incentive though.....I may get convinced once reviews and stuff pops up since I work next to the mall and two GameStops

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I've had it pre-ordered for awhile. It's a day one buy for me.

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@msavo said:

I've had it pre-ordered for awhile. It's a day one buy for me.

Same here. Happy Bloody Valentines Sweettooth style

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I was playing Twisted Metal online on my PS1, when the whole ethernet addon thingy fried on me. I loved it up to that point, but I was only like an hour in. Lacking proper nostalgia, it's not on my radar. If everybody is coming away from it being over the moon and recommending the multiplayer experience, I'm gonna grab a copy for sure.

When does it come out?

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David Jaffe is a douchebag, i will never give money to that attention whore.

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@Seppli: Valentine's Day

@Marcsman: Cool. Where did you pre-order it? I ordered from EB Games/ Gamestop because when I got Uncharted 3 from them they gave me a $10 voucher off Twisted Metal.

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Yes, I finally had the chance to pre-order it today.

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Well probably not me, I want to see how the game turns out, so I'll wait a little, not exactly a day-one thing for me. I need to have it proven to me that this kinda game can work anymore. Also would like to see an online community spring up around it. Then I'd really be sold.

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I would love to get this but I'm already buying two large RPG's with Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Kingdoms of Amalur:Reckoning on top of that I don't have a job so... no money.

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Still on the fence about it. I haven't played a Twisted Metal game in so damn long. Probably read a few reviews before I pick it up.

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I'm thinking about canceling my order for Uncharted: Golden Abyss (and just renting it instead) and putting that money toward this. Uncharted isn't going to have a lot of replay value whereas this has multiplayer. We'll see!

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Loved the others and Jaffe is one of the most honest devs out there, it's a pretty big risk putting out a car combat game in a market flooded with FPS and 2D platformers, he deserves a success.

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I will be, haven't played a car combat style game in a long time and this one is looking good.

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@CharlesAlanRatliff: Plus you get a free copy of Twisted Metal Black with the first run of Twisted Metal.

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I won't be, Twisted Metal isn't something I personally want to pay $60 for. Not that it's not worth that price, but for my taste it's just something I will get down the line for cheap.
I am kind of scared of it bombing (since there doesn't seem to be a ton of love on the net for it) especially since Jaffe is a cool guy, but hopefully it will do pretty well.

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@pantzing_nome said:

@CharlesAlanRatliff: Plus you get a free copy of Twisted Metal Black with the first run of Twisted Metal.

I forgot about that! I remember liking that game on the PS2.
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I have a gut feeling that it won't turn out very well, so I'll wait for reviews and hopefully be proven wrong.

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After L.A. Noire I am never buying a console game day 1 again. I buy PS3 games after a big price drop now.

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Day one for me. Nostalgia has been very kind to me in the last year. Mortal Kombat and Rayman: Origins turned out to be some of my favorite games this gen, hopefully that trend will continue with Twisted Metal.

Despite the lack of any kind of attention from gaming sites and podcasts it's pre-order numbers are actually doing pretty damn well. It's at 130,000 pre-orders right now, 4 weeks from launch. That's more than Amular, SSX, and Soul Caliber V, all of which release sooner as well. I'm hoping this will be a sleeper hit and end up with a solid online community, that will be crucial.

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I would love to but that all hinges on how quickly I can find a new job.

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I've got a pre-order for this game not just because I'm really excited for some awesome online car combat but because I don't want to hear Jaffe whining about how it didn't sell enough copies and there's no point in making games anymore. He put his blood, sweat, and tears into the game and I'm very excited to see the outcome of all that work.

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I'll get it eventually... but there's other games I'm currently saving up for that take priority. Mass Effect 3, Operation Raccoon City and Silent Hill: Downpour alone in March =X

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NewEgg had it on sale, so I pre-ordered through there. It was like 42 or 48 bucks. Seemed like a good deal, and I loved the TM franchise. Won't play it probably til that weekend. It's out on Valentine's Day...

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@iPliskin said:

David Jaffe is a douchebag, i will never give money to that attention whore.

Blasphemy!!!! How is he a douchebag and/or attention whore?

As for me I can't wait for this game and will totally be buying it on day one.

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I'm not getting it.

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Yep, already pre-ordered!

Gonna have some serious playing to do: SSX, Twisted, Fifa Street as well as unfinished SR3 and Skyrim!

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if the demo plays well, and if the game is as fun as i felt they where in the past. Then i will get it at launch.

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If I had a PS3 I'd probably get it. I never played much Twisted Metal in my day, but I saw the trailer and it's a lot more appealing with this gen's graphics than it was on the ugly ass PS1.

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Got it pre-ordered.  Getting it Day one, 'cuz fuck it, my girlfriend can play Twisted Metal for Valentine's day.

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Absolutely will. I didn't give two shits before giving the demo a try, but now I've spent all my free time for four days just playing nuke. It's a kind of fun I haven't had in a long time.

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I'm interested but I've never been that hyped for the game. I'm still not sure if I'll buy it at all.

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I've been waiting since TM black for a new one, so yes day 1 must buy.

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@Gamer_152 said:

I'm interested but I've never been that hyped for the game. I'm still not sure if I'll buy it at all.

This. The concept of car combat seems so dated to me.
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I'm not sure it'll be on launch day. I want to see how good the online is first.

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demo convinced me it was just so much fun

plus its competive multiplayer i can really see going places

:/ i just hope people give it a shot they dont make many games like this and itd be sad for it to bomb

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