While We Wait: Twisted Metal

#1 Posted by insanity_pepper (42 posts) -

I wrote a piece about the Twisted Metal Series while the new game is approaching release. You can read it at Addicted-Gamers

It's been so long since the last official Twisted Metal Game. Is anyone else really excited for the release?

#2 Posted by Demoskinos (16178 posts) -

Hearing Jaffe on Weekend Confirmed last week really amped me up to try it out. Assuming I have money.... I might actually give it a plunge. I'm just kinda scared that I might not be as into Car Combat games as I used to be back in the day.

#3 Posted by insanity_pepper (42 posts) -

I did that story because it had been so long since I've played any Twisted Metal game. I had the same fears about me liking that style of game again, but after the refresher I can't wait for the game to release. Multiplayer has come a long way since the release of Twisted Metal Black.

#4 Posted by coolalias (8 posts) -

I'm so excited for this game. I haven't played any of the pervious games but i read that the online multiplier is designed to facilitate an e-sport experience which is awesome. I'm really surprised of the lack of coverage of the game there hasn't been any trailers recently and no one seems to be talking about it. I'll be picking it up never the less.

#5 Posted by Marcsman (3371 posts) -

Twisted for life. Ha ha ha

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