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Oddly Compelling 4

I enjoyed playing Two Worlds II, even if it's hard for me to articulate exactly why.  Ever since I was a little kid playing games (or even watching others play games) on a NES or Apple IIGS, I have chased the feeling of excitement when I first get into a game.  I imagine this is what a chemical addiction can feel like.  I wake up in the morning, I want to play it.  When I'm doing something else, I want to play it.  Etc.  This is one of those rare magical feelings of childhood that I can still...

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i love bacon 0

I fell that bacon will rule the world ...

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Two Worlds II Review 1

The fact that Two Worlds II is a game that you can currently go buy in stores is something I’m still having trouble wrapping my mind around. With the abysmal performance of its predecessor, does Two Worlds II even deserve to exist? But, being that it does in fact exist, the more pressing matter is, does it deserve to be played?While the short answer to the above question is a simple no, this medieval RPG brings some unique elements to the table. The events of Two Worlds II take place a few short...

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Disappointing 0

I was told by one of my friends before playing this game that it was better than oblivion, while this is just an opinion we usually have similar taste's in games so i had high expectations.From the very beginning i was disappointed. the cut scenes seemed sloppy and the voice acting was sub par also the graphics seemed really dated. I kept playing though because i have played games in the past with issues like this if the story is good enough or the gameplay is fun. neither of these things is tru...

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