Anyone got any opinions on this game?

#1 Posted by Marz (5748 posts) -

The game is 5$ on but I'm kinda cautious.   I have Two Worlds 2 but only played like an hour of it but seems interesting enough.  Looking for thoughts from anyone who has played the first game and whether or not it's a good RPG to add to a collection.

#2 Posted by TheMustacheHero (6649 posts) -

It's fun for a while. Then you realize the combat is just pressing the mouse button over and over until everything dies.....

#3 Posted by Marz (5748 posts) -
@TheMustacheHero: I see, so nothing worthwhile story wise?  Guess i'll save my 5$.
#4 Posted by TheMustacheHero (6649 posts) -
@Marz: Yeah just skip it like the rest of the world did when they saw the bad reviews.
#5 Posted by CaptainTightPants (2830 posts) -

From the first hour or so that I played it reminded me of a really bad F2P MMO that I tried out years ago.

#6 Posted by silentghost227 (83 posts) -

I bought it for full price when it came out...and yeah it's not a very good game. 

#7 Posted by toolus (122 posts) -

I wouldn't bother since you have 2. The PC version is ok for $5 but 2 is just an infinitely better game.

#8 Posted by JustinAquarius (208 posts) -

Might be top 3 in the worst games made for a next-gen console. Everything about it is pretty bad. First console game I've ever seen where you have to open a dev-console to turn off grass textures just so the game can go above 15fps. Everything about the game is just horribly done. Story, voice acting, animations, coding, features.. everything. I seriously cannot believe it got approved for public release.

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I am going to put myself out there and say that this is honestly one of my favourite RPG games on the Xbox 360.

I probably spent well over 200 hours on the game, it is a guilty pleasure. I know it is bad but I cannot help but love it (:

A fond memory is when I was staying over a friends house and I wanted to show him the game, we were staying up all night and the last thing he saw was me fighting this huge dragon which was way past my level.

The first thing he sees when he wakes up is me, fighting the SAME dragon!

Awesome times!!

#10 Posted by bartok (2663 posts) -

It is The Room of video games.  One of the only games that I can thing of that is so bad it's good.

#11 Posted by brc2000 (13 posts) -

It's okay for PC with a few patches. The port is horrible and is where most of the bad reviews are directed towards. The voice acting is bad in any version though.

#12 Posted by Fattony12000 (7969 posts) -

I still think that Two Worlds II is one of the best names for a video game ever.

It's fun for a while. Then you realize the combat is just pressing the mouse button over and over until everything dies.....

#13 Posted by Whitestripes09 (533 posts) -

I remember playing the demo on the xbox and immediately quitting. Looked promising, but nope. Avoid this like the plague. It is pretty terrible.

#14 Posted by Phr4nk0 (363 posts) -

Jeeze, sometimes the most random things make me take a step back and wonder about other people and then myself.

It's 5 dollars man, if you're curious - give it a shot. I buy games I know I won't like for 5 dollars just to see if there's anything interesting in them - any redeeming features or a cool idea others might have missed. I'd buy pretty much any game for 5 dollars. I know some people are strapped for cash, and want to stretch their money, but damn, 5 dollars? Gaming is a luxury, if 5 dollars is really that big of a deal you probably should be spending it on something else.

Not being judgmental or anything, just as I said sometimes the most random things give you pause and reflect on your values, and how they relate to others.

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