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Tyler Glaiel started his game development career as a programmer and designer on flash games for the popular website Newgrounds. He submitted his first game called Blockslide! on February 5th, 2005 and has since submitted 57 games to the site, although his contributions have dwindled as he rose to more prominence in the game development community.

Glaiel's first hit game was called Magnetism, which is a game about dropping a ball from the top of the screen into a cup at the bottom and using magnets to guide the ball into the cup. Since then, Glaiel has built his reputation on collaborative works with other popular indie developers on the site. Some of his more popular games include Supersoldier, which was created with Dan Paladin, Aqua Slug, made with BoMToons, and Aether, a game made with Super Meat Boy and Binding of Isaac co-creator Edmund McMillen.

Glaiel's first outing into non-flash game design was Closure which was released on Mac, PC, and PS3 on March 27th, 2012 to favorable reviews from the gaming press. Closure, like other games such as Alien Hominid, N+, and flOw, was a game that originally started as a prototype flash game released on Newgrounds on January 23rd, 2009 and over 3 years was re-tooled to become a proper game rather than a flash game.

Since he began game development in 2005, Glaiel has been nominated for awards for around half of his games. Some of these awards include a nomination for the Tank Awards in 2008 for Aether, Grand Prize Winner at DICE 2012 Indie Game Challenge 2012 for Closure, and the 2010 IGF award for Audio Excellence (also for Closure).

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