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The Type 100 is a Japanese sub machine gun, that was produced by the Nambu Arms Manufacturing Company. This was the same company that produced the Nambu pistol. The Type 100 was first given to the Japanese Imperial Army in 1942. As a country, Japan was one of the earliest to introduce the sub machine gun to its military aresenal. In 1920, they implemented a licensed version of the German MP18. These versions were used by the Japanese to invade China. 
Some Type 100s had a bayonet lug under the barrel, so a bayonet could be easily mounted. Type 100s had a chrome plated barrel to help try and prevent rust and corrosion in Asian jungles, and some of the earlier models of Type 100 had a Bipod to make them more controllable when firing.


There were three main different versions of the Type 100 - the early version, with a bayonet lug and bipod, a version with a folding stock for paratroopers, and the 1944 version of the gun. Models produced after 1944 were made from cheaper materials, in order to make them easier and faster to produce.  In 1944, Japan was being pushed into retreat, so demand for guns was very high. Guns with a rate of fire that could suppress a group of enemy soldiers, unsurprisingly, were the order of the day.
The revised 1944 version was slightly longer, and had more simple iron sights. During production, corners were also cut. It was not uncommon for a soldier to receive a poorly welded Type 100. Some had poorly cut stocks as well, making the weapon uncomfortable to fire; a problem when a soldier would need something they could fire regularly if they were going to be in combat.
Despite some flaws, the Type 100 is a light and accurate weapon, with a 30 round side mounted magazine, and little recoil. Even so, less than 30,000 Type 100s were made.  Due to the nature of the side-mounted magazine, the Type 100 can occasionally be confused with the British Sten. Both weapons were based on Czechoslovakian designs; again, the same is repeated with the Type 99 and the British Bren.

Gaming Appearances

Call of Duty: World at War

The Type 100 appears in Call of Duty: World at War, and is available in the campaign, multiplayer, and Nazi Zombies mode.  It has a 30 round magazine, and is statistically extremely similar to the Thompson.


The Type 100 in the World at War campaign is a good sub-machine gun. Unlike real life, the Type 100 is extremely common during the Japanese missions. The Type 100 has low recoil, and can be used to replace a Thompson due to their similarities. Ammo for the Type 100 is much more common, however. These factors add up to make it a good weapon to use, especially if you are running low on Thompson ammunition.


In online multiplayer, the Type 100 is a respectable weapon. The iron sights are small, but they work well because they can be placed on a target. The low recoil means that they will not deviate from the target unless you are shot and your character flinches. The gun is unlocked at an early rank, and it matches the Thompson in almost all regards. The Thompson has better penetration, but the Type 100 has more ammo upon spawning, giving players a decision. Both weapons have equal damage otherwise.
The three attachments available for the weapon are a Suppressor, an Aperture Sight, and a Box Magazine. Due to the low recoil, a suppressor is commonly fitted to the weapon since the damage drop-off is negligible as shots can hit without another player knowing where from. During online play, gamers have christened the Type 100 the T100, making it faster to type on a PC game, or to say in game chat.

Nazi Zombies

The Type 100 appears in Der Riese, the zombie factory from Map Pack 3, as well as Shi No Numa, the zombie swamp from Map Pack 2. It is the only Japanese weapon that can be attained in Der Riese. It can be attained from purchasing it off a wall, or the Mystery Box.

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