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This is the sequel from the original Gekiuchi that was released in July 2000.


The story mode takes place after Ken's first fight with Raoh and fights all the way up to the final fight which takes place at the Hokuto Rekintoza against Raoh.


There were numerous changes made from the previous game like gives the ability to change the difficulty to either Easy or Hard (where in Hard Mode, there is a small time frame to type the words in. It is the same concept where the enemy appears with the word underneath them and typing the word out the either damage them or to kill them.


There are 8 stages in total, 4 Stages for Kenshiro and 4 stages for Raoh

Kenshiro's stages

  1. Thugs and Dog Master Galf
  2. Thugs and Shew
  3. Souther (2 forms)
  4. Raoh (3 forms)

Raoh's Stages

  1. Koryu (Two forms)
  2. Nanto Goshasei (Hyui, Shuren, Juza and Fudo)
  3. Toki (2 forms)
  4. Kenshiro (3 forms)

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