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The game was released by SSI Tristar for the PC and Mac. The aim is the defeat the enemies in the Hokuto No Ken universe from thugs to the big bosses of the game.


The game consists of typing words on the screen that appear (or for the first stage, type letters). As an enemy appears on the screen, the player has a set amount of time to type in the words to attack. For the boss characters, once the player's power gauge is at max, Kenshiro would then pull off a signature move from the manga, which for some the enemies involve their bodies exploding into pieces (does get very gruesome). The further the player progresses, the longer the the words get. The colors of the game were taken from the anime series.


There are 7 stages in total:

  1. Tutorial
  2. Tutorial
  3. Thugs and Zeed
  4. Fang Clan and Madara
  5. Devil Rebirth
  6. Mr. Heart and Shin
  7. Raoh

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