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Characterization in the Novels


When Sanctuary was discovered by the Angiris Council, Tyrael was given the responsibility of leading the Heavenly Hosts in obliterating Sanctuary. He considered humans to be an abomination as they were the result of interbreeding between Angels and Demons. However, Tyrael soon realises that humanity is capable of sorrow and compassion when he witnesses Uldyssian's sacrifice to save his loved ones and the entirety of Sanctuary.

When the vote was to be given to decide the fate of Sanctuary, he was among those who felt sympathetic towards the humans. (In fact, it was his vote that saved Sanctuary from certain destruction.) His repeated critical intervention (usually at the cost of disobeying Heavenly edicts) in Sanctuary's affairs have made the Horadrim hold him in high esteem as the World's saviour.

Role in Diablo II

The Angel of Justice

After the Dark Exile, Tyrael was the one responsible for creating the Horadrim in order to protect Sanctuary from the Prime Evils. He was the driving force behind the creation of the Soulstones, and he helped to capture Baal within Tal Rasha.

When Diablo was freed again, he chose to aid in his capture more overtly. He even fought in hand-to-hand combat with the Dark Wanderer to stop the release of Baal. He failed because of Marius removing Baal's Soulstone from Tal Rasha's chest. He was ensnared by Baal's tentacles and bound to the Binding Stone in Tal Rasha's Chamber.

The player character frees Tyrael and eventually travels to the Pandemonium Fortress where he gives the player the quests to destroy Izual and finally defeat Diablo. He is unable to help the player because he was severely weakened by Baal who damaged the forces that bound his essence to. He also paves the way to defeating Baal by opening the portal to Harrogath.

His final act in Diablo II was destroying the Worldstone that had been corrupted by Baal. The ramifications of this are unknown as of yet, but it can be presumed that the latent powers of Sanctuary's denizens will be unlocked. His fate after its destruction has not been confirmed and he has been missing for the last two decades.

Role in Diablo III

Tyrael's human form.

After Tyrael's actions 20 years ago in Diablo II, he regained his physical form and swore to continue fighting the forces of Hell, which had now regrouped with the Lesser Evils Belial and Azmodan. Unfortunately, because of his intervention in the world of man, Imperius of the Angiris Council wants to punish Tyrael for his transgressions. The two come to blows and Tyrael swears that if Heaven does not come to Sanctuary's aid, he would do so himself. This declaration causes him to become mortal, lose his armor and sword, and fall into Sanctuary as a shooting star.

Here, he is rescued by Leah and the heroes, who restore his memory and return his sword to him. He vows to help them in their quest to defeat Hell, no matter the cost.


  • The rare stone Antyrael, from which the Cornerstone of the World was made, was named after him.
  • He wields Azurewrath.
  • Tyrael is mentioned in World of Warcraft, as there is a mount available called Tyrael's Charger.

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