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      The first fight with a Tyrant in the original Resident Evil
To Umbrella the Tyrant is the ultimate bio-weapon: extremely powerful but able to be programmed. Unfortunately creating a Tyrant is rare - most humans infected with the T-virus become ordinary zombies. Umbrella discovered that Sergei Vladimir had the right genetics to become a Tyrant and used his clones in their creaton program.

Tyrants are essentially the most resilient and powerful enemies you will run across in the Resident Evil series.

Tyrant Models

T-001: The Proto-Tyrant [ Resident Evil 0]
T-002: First Combat Model Tyrant [ Resident Evil 1]
T-078: Training Model Tyrant developed at Rockfort Island [ Resident Evil: Code Veronica]
T-103: Mr. X class of more humanoid Tyrants.  Claws appear after massive damage is inflicted upon the unit. [ Resident Evil2]
Nemesis T-Type: Advanced Tyrant model.  Capable of high level intelligence and was capable of using weapons.  Tentacles appeared after the body was heavily damaged.  [ Resident Evil3]

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