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Tyrin is one of the mages who can join the force. At a certain point in the game you must talk to Creed and Evil Spirit. Afterward you will be asked to choose one of four characters to help you in your quest. Tyrin is one of these four characters.

Character Strengths and Weaknesses

He can be promoted to Either a Wizard or Sorcerer if you use the secret book on him. As a wizard, he'll have all three elemental attack spells, and is the only member of the force who knows the sleep spell. As a Sorcerer, he'll lose any spells he had as a mage, and would have learned as a wizard, but gains access to powerful nature magic attack spells. If you didn't choose Tyrin at first, you can go back to Creed's mansion after you've flown in the Nazca ship to pick him and the other two you didn't choose up.


Pre-Promotion: Mage (MAGE)


  • Wizard (WIZ)
  • Sorceror (SORC) with Secret Book



  • Blaze
  • Freeze
  • Sleep
  • Bolt


  • Dao
  • Apollo
  • Neptun
  • Atlas

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