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Golden Axe

The first game begins in the continent of Yuria, with Tyris walking into the forest to find her friend Alex wounded, he tells her the king and the princess have been taken by Death Adder and tells her to get revenge then Alex passes away.

Tyris fights her way through the forest battling the minions of Death Adder, after finishing the forest she decides to take a shortcut through Turtle Village which is located on the back of a turtle to reach Death Adder's castle, when she arrives she finds the village has already been pillaged by Death Adder's servants and the villagers in panic.

She decides to help them and manages to save the village, then the turtle takes Tyris south across the sea, after crossing the sea Tyris gets in close vicinity of the castle but sees it backed by enemy lines she crosses the Fiends Path, the Fiends Path turned out to be a giant eagle that took Tyris across the skies to Death Adder's castle where the final battle begun, after a long and hard battle and even though Death Adder was weilding the legendary Golden Axe Tyris was victorious and saved the king and his daughter.

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