E3 - Ubisoft Press Conference Discussion

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The Ubisoft Press Conference is starting in about an hour and a half, and I figured I'd make this discussion thread so we can all chat while it streams live (and also here). 

I personally hope to see some Assassin's Creed Duce.  Let the discussion commence! 

EDIT:  GameTrailers has the best stream, right here:
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I Am Alive.  More details plox.  I'm hoping it's a TRUE adventure game in the style of Myst and such.

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I almost forgot to add:

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Oh yeah... I Am Alive may be pretty amazing! 

Just 30 minutes now, until start!

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Took down the EA topic, pinning this one until after the press conference is finished.

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Remake of Iron Lord.  You heard it here first.

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I can't wait to see more quality Ubisoft titles on the DS and Wii! Will be similar to the kid's section in the EA conference I am guessing.

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I want more Assassins Creed.

#9 Posted by torus (1097 posts) -

Oh Jade... I love your game....

#10 Posted by Sincillian (530 posts) -

I'm watching G4 and I just saw a glance of Beyond Good and Evil 2. A title I've been waiting ages for.

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Wow, Shaun White Snowboarding for the Wii  was Ubisoft's second best selling game last year.

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looking forward to assassin"s creed as well. Cant wait to see some actual gameplay footage.  With the team being twice the size  I am hoping  for a less repetitive experience.

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Is everything streaming live this year?!

#14 Posted by Sincillian (530 posts) -

Hmmm..who would win.....Altair or Sam Fisher?

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I hope to see Red Steel 2, but they'll probably show it tomorrow.

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I'm really hoping we see some Beyond Good & Evil 2 tonight.

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13 mins baby :)

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I'm with Jakob and Luke. Conceptually, I Am Alive sounds more than a little intriguing. I'm hoping to see some gameplay, but hey, I'd be happy with another trailer.
If Ubisoft doesn't even mention it, however, I'll be genuinely worried. It's not like them to be quiet about any of their projects... Though considering how quiet they've been about the game so far, I almost wouldn't be surprised.

Aside from that, Assassin's Creed 2. You may have heard of it.

I'm also crossing my fingers for a new Rainbow Six installment. Something that isn't a Vegas sequel. Maybe a modernized Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield?
One can always hope.

EDIT: Almost forgot Beyond Good & Evil 2. With that leaked trailer that surfaced awhile back, they've got to have something to show.

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Sam Fisher

#20 Posted by Milkman (17479 posts) -

Here's a better question: How will Ubisoft answer back after EA's Pajama Party bombshell?

#21 Posted by Axis_of_Evil (36 posts) -

another ghost recon would be nice

#22 Posted by Dethfish (3705 posts) -

Pillow Fight Party

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You know, sitting here and thinking about it, Ubisoft should have a pretty amazing fucking conference!!!

  • Beyond Good & Evil 2
  • Assassin's Creed 2
  • Splinter Cell Conviction
  • I Am Alive
  • Red Steel 2
  • New Ghost Recon?
  • New Rainbow Six?

Also, I would love to hear the words "Here is Michel Ancel to show off his new 2D traditional Rayman game that doesn't involve any fucking Rabbids!!!"

Anyways, we're less than 5 minutes away.  Hopefully this ends up being more exciting than the MS or EA press conferences were...

*EDIT*  Mattalorian, as far as I'm to understand (as I try to keep as up-to-date about the game's development as I can), it's something that they've been working hardcore on under very closed doors due to keeping all the mystery around it.  It's definitely not vaporware.  I'm hoping that they'll have some stuff to show off finally about the details of the game.
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#25 Posted by Spiritof (2127 posts) -

I need the news on the upcoming PETZ line of games for the DS.

If Lizardz doesn't come out in '09 I'm gonna be pissed.

#26 Posted by Sincillian (530 posts) -

Finally it starts.

#27 Posted by jakob187 (21787 posts) -


Z   O   M   F   G!!!
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gamespot video jerky for anyone else?

seems g4 is smooth but with a shitty boxing (anamorphic)

#29 Posted by Milkman (17479 posts) -

The Soup: E3 Edition

G4's online stream sucks. About to go back to my TV.

#30 Posted by Dethfish (3705 posts) -

A comedian on stage at E3. Hmm, hopefully he won't bomb like most usually do.

#31 Posted by Sincillian (530 posts) -

He's kinda funny. Good for a few chuckles. 

#32 Posted by Spiritof (2127 posts) -

"Let's Talk About ChickZ, Man!"

#33 Edited by Spiritof (2127 posts) -

Peter Seller!

I LOVE that guy!

I hope he would like to buy a room!

#34 Posted by Puppy (295 posts) -

Anyone else's GameSpot stream slow?

#35 Posted by Spiritof (2127 posts) -
@Puppy said:
" Anyone else's GameSpot stream slow? "
I'm watching on Gametrailers. Looks good. GS was stuttering.
#36 Posted by MrKlorox (11209 posts) -

yeah, GT has the best stream.

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@Puppy said:
" Anyone else's GameSpot stream slow? "
Framerate keeps stuttering for me. :/
#38 Posted by Nexas (638 posts) -

Bring back the funny guy.

#39 Posted by Spiritof (2127 posts) -

Are you kidding? This IS the funny guy!

#40 Posted by Dethfish (3705 posts) -

Are they going to show anything?

#41 Posted by Spiritof (2127 posts) -

Uh-Oh. I think Milo is self-aware.

#42 Posted by Hairydutchman (1040 posts) -

Some games would be nice.

#43 Posted by Discorsi (1390 posts) -

lol "d-vlopping"

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So far this is the worst conference.

#45 Posted by Spiritof (2127 posts) -
@Dethfish77 said:
" Are they going to show anything? "
That 'Avatar' logo looked pretty damn sweet.
#46 Posted by Dethfish (3705 posts) -
@SpiritOf said:
@Dethfish77 said:
" Are they going to show anything? "
That 'Avatar' logo looked pretty damn sweet."

Yeah, so far all they've shown is still images. That can't keep my attention.
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@Diamond said:
" So far this is the worst conference. "
Can't argue there. Good grief... Break up the talking with something!
#48 Posted by Spiritof (2127 posts) -

Ubisoft is my favorite of all the de-floppers.

#49 Posted by jakob187 (21787 posts) -

Is the G4 coverage getting choppy for anyone else?

#50 Posted by Discorsi (1390 posts) -

i want to see the games they have dvlopped already!

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