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This is what video games are about! Innovation dammit. Something different. Something exciting. Something that grab's your attention and pulls you in.

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And here's the video cause I know you wanna watch it again.

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Gameplay wise, doesn't seem too special, other than the neat little HUD stuff, but holy monkey nutsack was that purty. Honestly was a little disappointed when it turned into a shooter, though.

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what is this on... 360, PS3? looks awesome.

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You know, it doesn't need to be something new to pull you in.

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@Toms115 said:

what is this on... 360, PS3? looks awesome.

Apparently it's on PC.

Looks pretty amazing.

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Given the number of topics already on the boards about Watch Dogs, I'm going to lock this one down. Plenty of conversation to be had on this amazing demo! Just...condense it a little. Thanks!


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