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Uchuu no Kishi: Tekkaman Blade (usually translated as "Space Knight: Tekkaman Blade") is a shoot 'em up game based on the anime of the same name, which was a 1990s relaunch of the original 1970s Tekkaman anime. It features a sword-wielding mech fighting to emancipate the Earth from the bug-like alien race known as Radam, who use the Tekkamen (transformed human captives) as their footsoldiers.

The game is a traditional side-scrolling shoot 'em up for the most part, with the player controlling Tekkaman Blade as he cuts a swath through the alien forces. When encountering a boss in the SNES version, often a humanoid enemy Tekkaman of relative size to Tekkaman Blade, the game switches to a basic one-on-one fighting game with larger character sprites.

Tekkaman Blade was first released on Game Boy by Sun L and Yutaka in December 1992 and then on the Super Famicom by A.I. and BEC in July 1993. A PC-9801 version, which plays far more like a strategy game, was released in 1994.

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