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Title support of the uDraw GameTablet.


The Xbox 360 Tablet

uDraw is a graphics tablet peripheral that can be used for games featuring GameTablet support. There are two versions of the tablet: a Wii tablet (White/Blue) and an Xbox 360/PS3 tablet (Black). While the Wii tablet needs a Wii remote to function, the 360/PS3 version is recognized as a wireless controller by the console.

The tablet is primarily used to draw things on screen and comes with a corded stylus that features a clickable tip (or nib) for variable pressure input. The tablet also recognizes simple touch input allowing a player to do things such as zooming or clicking by pinching or tapping. There is also tilt capability allowing titles to be aware of the tablets physical orientation. In addition to these somewhat nonstandard inputs the tablet also provides access to standard gamepad buttons.

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