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Udyr is a physical/dps champion in the game League of Legends. Unlike other champions, Udyr does not have an ultimate ability, and can learn any of his spells at level one.


Udyr never fit into a "standard" society. From a young age he yearned for something more wild. When he was 16 Udyr left his family in search of something greater.

After being in the wild only a short while, Udyr turned feral, reverting to a beast-like state. It was not until one day a monk took Udyr to train, that he harnessed his abilities to unleash their true potential.


Moneky's Agility

Passive: Whenever Udyr enters a stance, he gains attack speed for five seconds.

Tiger Stance

Active/passive ability (Q): When activating the Tiger Stance, his next attack will deal a higher percent of his base attack damage over 2 seconds. The passive effect of Tiger Stance grants higher attack speed, and breaks basic attacks into three, super fast attacks.

Turtle Stance

Active/passive ability (W): Upon activation, Udyr gains a shield that absorbs a base amount of damage. The passive effect makes his attacks unable to crit, but instead heal for a percent of the damage as well as restores mana.

Bear Stance

Active/passive ability (E): Udyr's movement speed is boosted when Bear Stance is activated. While activated, bear stance has a passive effect where his basic attacks can stun any enemy once every six seconds.

Phoenix Stance

Active/passive ability (R): When Phoenix Stance is activated, Udyr sends out a wave of fire every second for five seconds, dealing magic damage. The passive effect is that Udyr deals additional magic damage every fourth attack.


  • "Our rage is beyond your control!"
  • "Do not deny your instincts, summoner."
  • "Feral instinct guides our fist."
  • "Our instincts are razor sharp."
  • "Our rage is beyond your control!"
  • "That is our path."
  • "Their death will only feed our rage."
  • "Their fear is wise."
  • "Weapons are for the weak."
  • "We will make use of their pelts."
  • "We will not pity the defenseless."
  • "We do not know pity, even for you!"
  • "If PETA asks, this fur is fake."

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