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Because Dana White is a great man... 2

If there is but one employer in the entire world that I admire but would never want to work for, it’s Dana White. Here is a real man’s boss. He praises the hard work of people who brutalize each other for a living, yet has the common sense to *try* to retire Chuck Liddell while his head is still superimposed on his shoulders. Likewise, to be an enemy of Dana White is to be verbally dismembered. The man is a vanguard of vulgarity who strikes fear into the hearts of any man that complains about a ...

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Undisputably the best UFC game of 2009. 0

 UFC 2009 Undisputed is the first “next”-gen game of the franchise and exceeds the former ones by miles and miles. For those of you who –like myself up until recently– don’t know what Ultimate Fighting Championship is, it is a sport of MMA, Mixed Martial Arts. As such, there are various styles and techniques among the many fighters in the game. Some of them include boxing, kickboxing, muay thai, judo, wrestling and a few more. With that said though, it is fairly obvious that the fighting i...

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And in this corner...pain 0

  Title: UFC: 2009 Undisputed Release: May 19, 2009 Genre: Fighting Developer: Yuke’s Publisher: THQ Platform: Xbox 360 Rating: T (Teen) Product Link: Website: Source Link: There are two distinct genres of fighting games—arcade and simulation. Arcade, in the context of video games, is the most recognizable. ...

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Somewhere Between Piss and Chocolate 1

   "If you have a taste for blood sport and/or enjoy the T.V show, can look past the atrocious navigation and infuriating load times, then there is fun to be had here and you can really enjoy it -- but never get lost in."                                           In a Sentence (Or two):UFC: Undisputed has moments of greatness, and there’s real fun to be had -- what a game should be -- but it’s spread too thin and peppered with bad design choices that pad out the experience with fluff and frustra...

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UFC is Undisputed 0

This review will be short, but I have to say UFC 2009: Undisputed is a great game with indepth controls, but maybe too indepth for some people. The first thing that you should do is play through the tutorial. This will give you all the information you need to know to become a decent fighter. Once you have done that I recommend a few fights offline so you get the fel of the game. The AI is pretty much a push over and the only time I lost against the computer is when I was playing with my Create a...

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Come for the license, stay for the gameplay 0

In the world of videogames, gameplay is king.  This game has intense and deep gameplay that actually encourages you to learn the striking and grappling system. The ranked online fights are very interesting because of the stat tracking that allows the game to comment on how you fight, such as going for takedowns, strikes and submissions.  If you have any interest in UFC, wrestling, or fighting games in general this is an awesome game....

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Fantastic in-ring action overshadow some niggling issues 0

UFC Undisputed 2009 is a fantastic first attempt by THQ to bring the frenzied action of Mixed Martial Arts to consoles. The in-ring action is top notch, with a surprising amount of depth. It's too bad that Yukes couldn't create a more cohesive and involved single-player experience to go along with it.MMA games have been pretty hit-and-miss in the past, and it's taken over 6 years since the last UFC game, UFC Tapout 2, for THQ to publish this latest opus of violence.For those who don't know the U...

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Great sports-based fighting sim, with only a few flaws 0

As Dana White says in the introduction to the Single-Player Career mode, the UFC is the fastest growing sport in the world, so it surprises that there really hasn't been a high quality UFC game, prior to Undisputed 2009. Helped by Yukes, the company that has created all the Smackdown! games, UFC Undisputed 2009 puts together an impressive roster, solid gameplay mechanics and, something Smackdown never had, good commentary to create a unique fighting experience.First, the gameplay. With the natur...

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Greatest fighting of 2009? 1

Well I have been a huge UFC fan for years, and I can tell you, I have been disappointed over the years of the old UFC games on PS2....But now, now I can shout for joy!UFC 2009 Undisputed brings you, literally hours and hours of fun, and I stress FUN game play. This game can be frustrating to a degree of knowing the controls, and learning to master them, but the game does work for in your favor by going through the tutorial, and they give an achievement for doing so, so its win, win!. I ran throu...

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Don't belive the hype 2

Wow. I was hyped for this game, but now that I've spent some time with it I'm very disappointed. My first impression was that the AI is far too simple to put up any challenge. So, I attempt to go online and get nothing but horrible lag. LAG LAG LAG. I have a 12 Mbit fiber to the home connection, so it's not me. Once I finally found a match it didn't get much better. Every win I got, and all that were against me were PURE LUCK. Each time the fighters were at full stamina and took 1 punch to drop ...

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UFC, what i enjoyed. 0

This is my first review and it really is going to be sort of difficult to really consider this a review. It really is more of a me telling you the basic functions in the game, which again isn't all of them. I feel that career mode and online are the two modes i spend the most time with so i just want to focus on those. The game over all is fun, exciting, and at times difficult; depending on the skill level you are playing at or the skill level of you oppennant. Career mode is really where the te...

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So many mistakes. 0

As an avid fan of MMA and the UFC I was really looking forward to this title. I am very disappointed though as the game plays like a brawler and does not mimic the sport in any way other than through a familiar vocabulary of terms. The biggest neglect in this title is that it ignores the very things that make the great athletes out there great.Anderson Sylva is one of the most fluidly evasive fighters in the world and has incredible accuracy with his strikes, but this game has no evasion system....

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UFC Undisputably kicks a large amount of butt. 0

ProsFights take a certain level of tactics to win. Button mashing will only get you so far if you're not great at the ground game and knowing where you need to be to do this or how to keep your foe from doing that.Huge roster.Decent visuals.ConsSingle player is a bit crap.Some animation problems.No cross profile create-a-fighter fights.I'm generally not a sports person, but I don't mind UFC.If I'm fortunate enough to catch it on the TV I will and in the past I have been known to rent DVDs and wa...

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Does UFC's resurgance into video game get Flash KO'd? 1

 If you were just walking by and got just a glance,  you could swear that a live UFC event was in progress on your tv.  The authenticity is incredible.  Any true UFC fan needs to pick up this game.   The controls are a mixed bag when it comes to complexity.  The stand up is pretty straight forward, with face buttons corresponding with left and right punches and kicks.  Left trigger modifies the attack to low attacks to the legs/body.  Right bumper and trigger block high and low respectively. Th...

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UFC: Undisputed- Worth the buy 0

I would have to say that i am pleasantly happy with how the game plays. It does have a rather steep learning curve, but its nice to finally play a game that is actually challenging. Especially for fighting games where one can jump right into game play and button mash the crap out of ones controller and get through the game. The tutorial mode is extremely helpful and definitely necessary. I only have come across a few problems with this game thus far..  There seem to be an abundance of menus, of ...

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A fighter for people who hate conventional fighting games. 0

Finally we have a fighting game that has more in common with an EA Sports title than something more arcadey like Street Fighter.  I gave the demo on Xbox Live a try and the first time i had a flash knockout i was hooked.  Picked the game up day one after playing the same exhibition with the same 2 fighters for about 1 hour.  Career mode is well thought out, it balances upgrading your fighter and making decisions as to what area you want to focus on before your next bout.  In addition, you also h...

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A game that redifined a Generation for MMA Fans 0

Im gonna be upfront by saying that i haven't played this game in maybe a year, but I wanna give my thoughts on it. Before the release of this game, the UFC was beginning to build a lot of steam with popularity that was gaining from the mainstream. This game couldn't of been released at a better time with the sport becoming mainstream.Enough with opinions of the sport and now moving onto the game itself. UFC 2009: Undisputed gives a terrific first impression. The knockouts are brutal and the cont...

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Intense gameplay is enough to overshadow flaws in UFC 2009. 0

Ultimate Fighting is one of the fastest growing phenomenons in the world. It's growing in fanbase, it's growing in assets, it's growing in talent, and it's growing in entertainment. It's huge, and it's going to continue to improve upon itself as time moves forth. An unfortunate trend that comes with popularity, is a videogame to match up with the real life counterpart. UFC is large enough to get that said videogame tie-in, as UFC 2009: Undisputed was released late May 2009. Was getting THQ and Y...

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Love video games, but not into UFC? 0

I'm not a fan of UFC, I never was and I won't pretend to be.  Following the hype of this game and recently acquiring a Ps3, I decided to just go and buy this game based on some reviews of people I have been following for a long time.  Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised. UFC Undisputed 2009 will blow you away with its visuals, soundtrack, and tight gameplay.  The fighting is reminiscent of a rock paper scissors concept. One move will counter another, but that move can be counted by a simi...

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Beatin' Dudes Up is Pretty Fun 0

UFC Undisputed has some minor flaws that keep it from being great, but it does what it's supposed to do, make beating the crap out of guys fun, very well.  The fighting in UFC is phenomenal.  There are a few minor hitches such as scenarios that are almost impossible to get out of and some hits are a little overpowered, but duking it out in the octagon is just plain fun.  There are a ton of moves available to each fighter and special moves available based on a fighter's disciplines (Muay Thai Cli...

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