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Don't belive the hype

Wow. I was hyped for this game, but now that I've spent some time with it I'm very disappointed. 

My first impression was that the AI is far too simple to put up any challenge. So, I attempt to go online and get nothing but horrible lag. LAG LAG LAG. I have a 12 Mbit fiber to the home connection, so it's not me. Once I finally found a match it didn't get much better. Every win I got, and all that were against me were PURE LUCK. Each time the fighters were at full stamina and took 1 punch to drop them. It's a random button mash mess online. All people do is heavy punch heavy high over and over. You can't counter or block because the Lag is so bad. When you get people on the ground it doesn't even matter because if you try to submit them it's a "who can mass the buttons fast enough mini game". 

Also when you lose you actually lose points toward your online rank. WHY? You get clocked on a cheap punch and bam you lose a rank. 

The push over AI makes the single player no fun and the Laggy online reduces the game down to a button mashing mess.
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Posted by circaender

Well.. i have 7MB down 3.5up and i have had one out of the 20 matches i played lag...this game ROCKS

Posted by dillonator

An awesomely horrible review by someone who doesn't know how to play this game.

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