How do you feel about doctor stoppages in UFC 2010?

#1 Posted by papercut (3774 posts) -

I can understand how some people will hate this when they get the game. But I for one like the inclusion and it's nice to see they are really adding new things into the game. I feel that if you can turn your opponents face in to raw hamburger, thats in, game over man, game over.

#2 Posted by BryanDeth316 (29 posts) -

It also makes the game alot more realistic. You keep beating a guy's face in, the fight is going to end period. Plus I hated in the last game where bleeding didn't mean anything at all in the game.
#3 Posted by JLMRACING91 (115 posts) -

just the realistic look of the blood is awesome...Im all for the realism and cant wait to get home!!!!

#4 Edited by Blood_for_the_blood_God (302 posts) -

haven't ever had this happen, most fights end in KO or TKO

#5 Posted by JLMRACING91 (115 posts) -

yeah over 70 fights so far and no doctor stoppage

#6 Posted by TheHBK (5658 posts) -

Well, I hope its like other "sports" games where you can turn different rules on and off.  So if I can blast a guy in the face for the full 3 rounds, then cool, i wonder if you can kill someone. 

#7 Posted by JLMRACING91 (115 posts) -

use rampage and get a muy thai clinch and elbow away and the ref will step in so the doc can look at it.....they allow the fight to go on. grab another clinch and elbow away at the eye and they will step in again to stop the fight
#8 Posted by Coombs (3507 posts) -

UFC was so much more entertaining in the 90s
No Weight classes, No rounds, Almost no rules
Two guys enter and beat the fuck out of each other until one of them is unconscious or taps out.
 The days of Royce Gracie, 
The guy he's sparring with here is Kung-Fu expert Jason Delucia who's MMA record is 33-19-1 
He barely touches Royce.


#9 Posted by odintal (1118 posts) -
@Coombs: I went to one of those back in the late 90s and saw Frank The Tank Abbott beat the living fuck out of some guy. I thought for sure the guy was dead.
#10 Posted by Hammerjelly (175 posts) -

I haven't been able to get the doctor stoppage. I'll take a guy down and move to side control elbow to the face til the round is over (waiting while they are rocked til I can continue). Round after round. Still nothing.

#11 Posted by JLMRACING91 (115 posts) -

IT SEEMS TO ME, it has to be in the clinch.....take rampage and have him clinch and throw elbows....took me 2 tries after 30 tries of trying to ground in pound a doctor stoppage

#12 Posted by Hammerjelly (175 posts) -

Hmm ok, I'll have to give this a try, thanks!

#13 Posted by cooljeba (17 posts) -

Doctor stoppage gives you a trophy.. To get it.. Try to get into clinch and start throwing punches in the head. Keep spamming the punches and don't try to block his punches.. Keep doing that and soon doctor will come stop and check the cut.

Do this again.. You can do this against the cage also.. Do it again and doctor will come check and stop the game. This will also entitle to another trophie which you get when you win by all methods.. :)

It will take some time.. but you can nail this.. But as in the real game this is too rare..

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