A Uws Guide to Making the Best Caf on Ufc Undisputed 3

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What you want from your CAF

The first decision you will have to make is what do you want from your CAF? do you prefer stand up fighting, clinch, ground and pound or what? - So the best thing to do here is have a couple of matches with some standard Roster fighters to decide what your best style is. When creating your fighter it is also a wise choice to take 5 minutes reading the A-I fighting style, so if you choose to simulate a fight the A-I gives your CAF the best chance of winning.

Selecting fights

So you have selected your style and now you are ready to schedule fights, There are a few things to consider here, Firstly you start off in WFA - it is best to stay in this league until around 15-20 fights. Moving up to UFC too soon can leave your CAF disadvantaged and leave you with no money to upgrade your maximum skills/traits. The next thing to look at is how many action points a fight gives you, you want to pick fights that give you two action points (even if it means fighting someone who's better rated or not fighting a title match).

Training schedules

Training should be specific to your style, for example if you are Muay Thai, there's not alot of point training ground and pound because its counter productive to your style. Training everything can leave your character gimped so to say, and disadvantage them when playing online or in a UFC undisputed 3 Tournament So what you need to do is go back to step 1 where you decided what you want from your CAF and decide what skill is most important to your style. Along side training you should be learning new moves or leveling moves so your rating doesn't go too high for you to enter in a UFC League.


Specialization is key when training and learning moves, there's no point being a Jack of all trades because you master nothing, pick one fighting style such as clinch or stand up to blast, get that as high as you can while training a secondary style and lots of defences. I have followed this advice 100% and now have 3 CAF rated 91-95 with nice skills, and am currently dominating UFC events and UFC tournaments online.

Hope it helps yah 0/

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