Early thoughts?

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The game has been out for a little bit now. What do people think about it so far?

I've only played a few hours so far, all offline, and I'm enjoying it for the most part. The standup game is pretty solid now that I've gotten used to swaying and actually being smart about blocking low. There's a lot of nuance to the ground game that I'm still learning, but even knowing just the basics I'm having fun with it.

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Really Good, the career is pretty awesome. I got into the HOF with Joseph Benavidez. The combat itself is very improved.

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Great game, online is fun even though the servers have sucked, and im getting trashed. Leg kicks feel awesome, same with the punches, lots of fun/

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@Sumbog said:

Great game, online is fun even though the servers have sucked, and im getting trashed. Leg kicks feel awesome, same with the punches, lots of fun/

Is everybody having trouble with online? I haven't even touched it yet.

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By the way, my PSN is Sudbuster if anybody wants to give online a try with me.

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is the career mode improved much? career is what i like playing the most, but 2010 didn't improve on it enough, and it left a bad taste in my mouth. i hear the got rid of decreasing stats, which is great, but not sure how much better everything else is.

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The fights in career mode can be pretty frustrating on higher difficulties. You definitely feel as though at points the AI will have things happen for them that you'd never get. I remember this being an issue in the first game as well. The AI has that "cheapness" quality to it that afflicts so many fighting games. Also while I certainly appreciate that submissions have a meter as opposed to the first game where it was button mashing and randomness, I can't help but have issues with the system. Firstly I find it pretty disorienting at first, it always takes me a minute to figure if I'm red or blue and that's pretty important time. Also the chase sequence isn't that smooth, typically rounding corners my thing will get disoriented and might go the opposite direction. I also hate how not only the real life time slows down but they opponents bar has a slowing effect on my bar (this would have been a smart idea to implement the longer a fight goes on). Pretty much I have the same problem I had with UFC 1, seldom does a fight leave the first round for better or worse.

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I'm deep into my first career mode and I'm still really enjoying it. I think I may have picked too low of a difficulty. I usually plow through 5 or 6 fights and then I'll get destroyed. It took me a couple tries to finally be competitive in title matches. The best fights happened once I was able to hold my own in the really tough fights. I think next time I'll try a career on the next difficulty level and see if it's too challenging.

The submission system can be a bit frustrating, but overall I think it's really good. There's definitely a lot going on when you start a submission that isn't shown on the minigame. It's taking into account stamina and position and submission ratings and probably some other things as well. It's not perfect, but it feels like a good representation of how difficult it must be to tap a fresh opponent as opposed to a tired one.

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