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I'm basically sold on this game completely and I am willing to pay full price of 60 instead of waiting it to drop to 40 or 30. I loved the second game but I really got sick of it because submissions were crazy hard to pull off (and hard to defend against the computer) for me and the degrading skills is just fucking stupid. Sounds like they fixed my 2 biggest problems. If they haven't please inform me. But they main question for me right now is, can you play through the career mode as an actual fighter? As much fun as it is to create a "cool" fighter and build him up or whatever, I want to play as Benson 'Smooth' Henderson and rattle off 10 title defenses or finish The Spider's career as the greatest to ever live. Can I do this in the game?

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i have heard that now you can play through fighters careers. not sure if it replays their career exactly or if it's the standard career mode with the fighters. also seen the game at $40 for the 360 on Amazon. pissed cuz i'm looking for the PS3 version :(

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Well you can go through the "Arcade" mode which works like climbing the ladder of the UFC, just simplified and without the training. Career mode wise I am not sure though. I own the game but I have not tried that mode yet because I have been too busy running my own 8 man PRIDE tournaments with friends haha :D

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