Rage quit career so often

#1 Posted by WVUEers (110 posts) -

Haha I can't help it. I'm enjoying this game, but I find it difficult to play more than an hours worth because so often I'll be just dominating a match, avoiding head shots, keeping with my game plan, and BOOM, KO'd. I mean I get that is kind of how the real UFC works as well, momentum can swing in a second, doesn't mean I'm going to smile when it happens. Am I the only one who will rage quit when they get flash KO'd in career?

#2 Posted by Nightriff (5362 posts) -

I haven't yet in career mode and I would do the same as you but I was flashed KO'd in title defense run at 19 by Gomi. That pissed me off cause I was kicking his ass then BAM I was on the floor. My fastest KO was 31 seconds which was awesome.

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