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Grand Theft Auto IV:

Niko is introduced to this man by


, who was in actuality a government agent named Karen, but the agent never identifies himself by name. The contact listing on Niko's phone is that of the Front used on the agency building, "United Liberty Paper Company", "U.L. Paper" for short.

Grand Theft Auto V:

The agent reappears briefly in GTA V. He is first seen in a response team where he finds an injured Steve Haines, after a vial of nerve toxin is stolen from a Military Facility. He is later seen leading a group of IAA agents at the Kortz Plaza to try and arrest Agent Steve Haines, Agent Dave Norton, Agent Sanchez and Micheal De Santa for Anti-American activity. The senior agent, along with his IAA team, become involved in a firefight between Agent Norton and Micheal, FIB agents and the private security firm Merryweather.


Grand Theft Auto IV:

  • Wrong is Right
  • Portrait of a Killer
  • Dust Off
  • Paper Trail
  • That Special Someone

Grand Theft Auto V:

  • Monkey Business
  • The Wrap Up

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