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Ulkorruuk is known as the Lady of Insurrection and the demigoddess of betrayal.  She resides alongside Innoruuk in the Plane of Hate.  In her mortal life, she was a devout knight of Erollisi Marr.  Although the reasons are not truly known, she abandoned her goddess in favor of a life of hate.  Taking the new name of Ulkorruuk, she became known as the Archtraitor among her people.  She has gained a handful of followers, primarily traitors who have dissented from the ranks of their race, religion, organization, or guild.


In most lore, Ulkorruuk is depicted still equipped with the armor she wore as a paladin in service of Erollisi, but now dark and twisted, reflecting her traitorous heart.  Shrines to her were discovered in Zebuxor and Nektropos Castle during the Age of Destiny.    

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