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A major breakthrough back in 1985, but how does it fare today? 0

Ultima IV is often seen as being one of the most important rpg in the history of the genre, and is often included in top games of all time lists and whatnot. It's true that the game was truly incredible back in the day and it has surprisingly aged well, or at least some parts of it aged well. Unlike the previous games in the series you don't have a big bad guy to kill, instead here you need to be an example to the people of Britannia and become an avatar, the perfect representation of everythin...

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A Game for Somebody 0

My first attempt at Ultima IV was an unmitigated disaster.I thought I was doing well. I put in the time beforehand! I read the History of Britannia just like the game told me to, I answered the class-choosing questions at the outset honestly and wound up as a bard, I kept my mind open despite the graphics being what they are.Then I got into the game itself, and I couldn’t do anything right. I walked over the Lord British’s castle and had to fumble around at the keyboard to discover that “E,” for...

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Ultima IV - An Unparalelled Pioneer 0

Ultima. A name that has ingrained itself into the gaming unconscious, recognize it or not, there is no denying that it has affected the RPGs we play to this day with a nearly unparelled level of influence. Ultima has lived on through decades, and though there are no longer the massive singleplayer epics of its heyday, its memory lives on through the immensely popular Ultima Online.  Despite the disastrous late installments of the series, the Ultima name had not been sullied, and its monumental p...

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