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I have purchased UMvC3. I know there are new characters in the game and I figured from the first the day I pick it up, I want to be prepared. I have played a little MvC3 before, but I really want to get better at it. What do all of you suggest is the best team for beginners? Why? What is the best way to learn? Thanks ladies and gents!

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How experienced are you with fighting games in general? Do you have trouble executing special moves and basic combos?

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i did pretty good with wesker chris and dormanu

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Beginner? Wolverine, Doom, Nova, Super Skrull, Sentinel, Akuma, Ryu, Chris, Wesker, and Morrigan. I guess Hulk too.

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Recommend Taskmaster. Spam fireballs at distance and if a guy gets in close just use back+C into launcher.

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