The Infinites Gauntlet

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EVO is about two weeks away and many players are making their last-ditch efforts to train. During this time, someone discovered an infinite for Trish. The infinite involved using the Team Aerial Combo (TAC) to change how the damaged character falls. The TAC allows the player being damaged to potentially break the combo if he or she can guess which direction (up, down, or side) the other player is using for the TAC. The chances do not favor the damaged player though.

Anyway, once this infinite was discovered for Trish, another was discovered for Magneto. Now there are nine more characters found to have infinites. Since no time exists for a patch and the EVO staff have decided not to ban these infinites, it is likely that they will see some use at the tournament. The Marvel games have always had infinites, but I am concerned by the number of characters that have one based on this TAC mechanic. I am not suggesting that these infinites be banned, but I am worried that matches will devolve into an "Infinite War" where the sole focus is to land an infinite combo. Again, Marvel is all about making long, touch-of-death combos, but these meter-less, X-Factor-less infinites are more abusive of the game system. Beyond the concern for people playing the game, I am worried that it will show the game in a poor light as players spend their matches "fishing" for an infinite.

Enough with my thoughts on this matter. What do you folks think?

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Not to be condescending, but that's Marvel Baybee.

I doubt it'll be a massive problem. At the end of the day, all these infinites are based off down TAC, it'lll probably force all players to simply mash down+D everytime out of safety's sake. And stuff like Chris G mode-o and Rocket Joe are still viable against these strategies. It changes the way everyone has to play 2 weeks before EVO, but that's sort of the allure around it. I wish it wasn't quite so exploitative, but these things happen and it's too late to change any of it now.

But as for showing the game in a poor light, that's already been done. Marvel 3 is a pretty big mess, it always has been. Ultimate changed few things for the better, but for the most part made the bad things about marvel 3 even worse. There should have been a balance patch released for it 6 months ago, but capcom moved on to bigger better things with the money dried up.

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I'm cool with it as long as they release a patch after EVO. I don't think the game will change that much except that the long swag combos won't cost meter, but at the end of the day unless you want to timer scam someone you would probably want to deal more damage in a short period of time by doing a hyper.

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And if tonight's tournament is any indication, the infinites won't be a problem at all.

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