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Ultraman: Towards the Future, or simply Ultraman, is a 2D fighter that came out on the SNES in 1991. It was published by Bandai and is based off the hit Japanese tokusatsu TV series Ultraman. In the game the player assumes the role of Ultraman as he fights against some of his most iconic enemies like Gudis.


As Ultraman, the player has one button for kick attacks, one for punch attacks and one for the laser. The punch is a short range attack while the kick is a long ranged one. It's also possible to perform uppercuts and a reverse kick. As the fight continues, the laser's power builds up. The player controls the power of the lasers with R and L and must use the 4th and highest level of power - the Specium Beam - to defeat the foe. This is the only way to finish off the enemies for good, as they will constantly regenerate their health otherwise. As opponents get stronger, however, they find ways of avoiding this special attack. The player must anticipate their attempt to dodge it in order to win.

Ultraman can only fight for three minutes. This is an element from the show: the Earth's pollution is too caustic to maintain his enormous form for too long. Therefore, in addition to wearing the enemy down and finishing them off with the special this must all be done in 180 seconds or less.

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