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The entrance to Vex Thal.

Umbral Plains is a hilly grassland shrouded in eternal darkness on the southern hemisphere of Luclin. The only way to get here is from The Maiden's Eye to the west. It is said that many battles have been fought here throughout the moon's history. To the south is the entrance to the most dangerous place in all of Luclin, Vex Thal. It is there where what remains of the Akheva Empire make their home. The entrance is guarded by extremely powerful earth elementals including one larger and stronger than the rest; Rumblecrush. In the forest of the Umbral Plains, some have said to have found the remains of Vah Kerrath, a Vah Shir hero and king. The Vah Shir were once lured here by the Whisperlings in an attempt to keep the Akhevans from rising to their former power. Most of the Vah Shir that came to help, including Vah Kerrath, were slaughtered. Aten Ha Ra, the priestess leader of the Akhevans, reanimated most of the dead, just as she had done with many of Seru's forces before them, to wander the plains in torment. Many powerful undead and shadows roam throughout this region, many with an amazing ability to spot intruders from great distances, making this a dangerous place for even the most seasoned of adventurers. Not seen by many, there is also a system of caves to the east, which are inhabited by Tegi aliens. Their leader, Radir Fireshower, is said to carry a key used to travel between the Umbral Plains and Shadeweaver's Thicket, though none have found the door that makes this possible.

Neighboring Zones


  • Whisperlings


Notable NPCs

  • Bile Spew
  • Binkl Dirkwafer
  • Bloodwretch
  • Doomshade
  • Festersore
  • Fleshrot
  • Fyrthek Fior
  • Gantru Dralkenr
  • Radir Fireshower
  • Remains of Vah Kerrath
  • Rumblecrush
  • Spirit of Radir
  • Spirit of Tawro
  • Sylra Fris
  • Tawro Icequake
  • Zelnithak

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