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Her demonic umbrella weapon is actually a living being called Hungern. Her suspected play-style would be heavily dependent on Hungern. During attacks Hungern would morph into a variety of mouths and animal jaws, constantly biting at the enemy to sate its insatiable appetite. Another proposed strategy would be to allow Hungern to finish off special moves for added effects, or conversely you could allow Hungern's hunger to build up for more damage as the fight rages on.

After Lab Zero's more than successful Indiegogo fund raising campaign, Umbrella was once again brought out as one of 32 potential DLC characters fans could vote on to be added to the game. Umbrella made it past the first round of voting, putting her in the top 16, but failed to garner enough votes in the second round, and was thus eliminated.

Umbrella can actually already be seen briefly when playing as/against Double. One of Doubles moves which turn her into many of the characters, actually turn her into Umbrella and Hungern.

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