anyone else having issues online?

#1 Posted by spilledmilkfactory (2049 posts) -

very frequently when i play uncharted 2 online, my character will randomly stop moving. i will be unable to do anything, usually until i'm killed. this has been happening more and more, and it happened to me in the beta too. is anybody else experiencing anything similar? i know it can't be my connection because every other online game i've played works just fine.

#2 Posted by Adziboy (726 posts) -

Same! Dunno what it is though. Please PM if you find the answer :]
#3 Posted by wefwefasdf (6730 posts) -

I bet it will sorted out in a few days. I've noticed a lot of people talking about it.

#4 Posted by CrazyCraven (221 posts) -

Im having terrible issues connecting to games.  I pass the connection stage, select a game type then it just sits at the finding player screen for ages
Gutted!  The hour or so i have played online was hugely enjoyable. 

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