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300 dollars well spent, add some taxes in there too.


                 So finally, I met Mr. Drake. Am I Satisfied? DUDE…….Let me explain, I am not going to lie I was a huge skeptic of the "Cell Broadband Engine" and it's magical "Synergistic Processing Elements". Sure it looks excellent on paper; actually it looks incredible on paper. I needed to see this tech in action myself, so I took the plunge; I purchased my first Sony console ever, a PlayStation 3. I lost my virginity to Metal Gear Solid 4, thank you Mr. Kojima; I was then introduced to Killzone 2, Rico you’re a dick. I was almost sold, sure both are high caliber games, and sure both had some tech and game play issues.

At this point I was almost comfortable with the three hundred dollars I spent on a new console. And what do you know  a couple of weeks later here comes Mr. Drake, unfortunately Mr. Drake and I are not  well acquainted so I decided to hop on his rather large band wagon and join him on his most recent adventure. I too fell into the hype of the pre-release reviews, almost enough to where it almost ruined the experience for me.   I avoided as much as I could, and low and behold.

Naughty Dog’s Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is unquestionably the best video game I have ever played. There I said it. I can’t believe I would ever utter those words. Keep in mind this is coming from a guy who is still waiting for a remake of River City Ransom, and Albert Odyssey, so it may not mean much. Yet still I stand by my words. Visually this game is a masterpiece; from the quality of the animation, motion capture, texture quality, to the detail of the draw distance and the insane use of the camera. Everything is absolutely stunning; it’s a feast for the eyes, and a true cinematic experience. I’m all for leaps in video game graphics technology, and this is one giant ass King Kong leap in the right direction. As far as the audio is concerned, the surround mix is outstanding whether it is heard in DTS or Dolby Digital, and the music score is also performed extremely well and perfectly composed for this genre. The quality of the score gives the game a feel of epic proportion, and of course Uncharted 2 exceeds that description tenfold.    So sure games can look pretty and sound amazing, we all know this, but the core as we all know is the game play.

Uncharted 2 utilizes a cover mechanic for most of its game play, the gun battles are played out extremely well. The intensity never lets up and you’re constantly attempting to find a safe haven to pick off enemies.   Some stealth sequences also play a role in your adventure, this is really for the most part at your discretion , you can in some cases go all out guns blazing or take your time and snap necks quietly. Both options are extremely satisfying.  Another satisfying mechanic of the game is the close quarters combat; this becomes very engaging as the camera zooms in for a closer look at the action, making the end result that much more awesome.  Utilize this wisely of course as you can still be struck by nearby gunfire. The tomb raider- esque portions of the game have you performing impossible feats that provide some of the most nail biting plat forming moments I have ever experienced in a video game.  The suspense that these moments provide makes this title that much more unforgettable, and the timing, man oh man the timing is absolutely perfect.

Now to the multiplayer which includes your general death match, capture the flag type modes of play, a solid three player co-op experience, and a very cool system similar to “perks” of modern warfare. This solid addition to the already stellar single player experience makes this game that much more enjoyable, adding additional playability to an already lengthy campaign.

 To be clear, this game is not flawless by any means. The cover mechanic is slightly awkward at times not really placing you where you originally requested to be, and the plat forming portions of the game can be a little frustrating also.    Also some of the AI is a little shaky; there was one sequence where Chloe was just watching me get my ass kicked, literally standing in the middle of the room while I took a beating. Sure maybe it was a hiccup, a fluke, but it still happened and it was no bueno.  Keep in mind guys and gals these “hiccups” are very minute, and if you do encounter them it should not hamper your experience one bit, unless you’re like me and are easily distracted by every little thing! So yes, this is a must own title, and yes if you do not own a Playstation 3, or are wary of purchasing one, fear no longer my friends. This game should be the very reason why you should own a Playstation 3.

Posted by KamasamaK

"Naughty Dog’s Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is unquestionably the best video game I have ever played."

Yea, you went there. Just curious then, was the 4.5/5 an accident or are you one of those who thinks that 5/5 is reserved for some perfect/flawless game? Because that statement and that score seem incongruous to me.

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