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Even better than the original

This game is an improvement in just about all areas of an already amazing game. The gameplay mechanics have been incrementally improved – enemies no longer absorb a ridiculous amount of firepower and the puzzles are more complex. The melee combat system has changed, though I’m not so convinced it’s an improvement, there was nothing wrong with it in the first place anyway.  The scale of the game has gotten grander, and the action is relentless, the game moves seemlessly from one amazing action set piece to the next.

Never before has a game made you feel like you’re part of such an amazing adventure. To be fair, it’s more like you feel like you’re immersed in an amazing blockbuster feature film rather than real life – video games haven’t achieved that kind of level of immersion and realism just yet.

The production values found in this game are second to none. The facial expressions and movement of the CG characters represent some of best “acting” you’ll ever find in a video game. While you are guided along the story in a linear fashion you never feel like you’re simply along for the ride. Not being open world means the game can tell a very controlled and specific story, and Uncharted 2 tells a spectacular story of epic proportions.

Truly one of the greatest games to be found on the PS3. 

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