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Uncharted 2: Better Movie Than Game

There are a lot of well-written reviews that have good points and give this game a great score. I'll get right to my point - it's not a great game at all. It's a good movie.  Great graphics, good story, witty dialogue, but bad gameplay.
The game is at its best when puzzle solving and at its worst when shooting. Unfortunately, there's way more shootin then puzzlin. It's a terrible  shooter - controls are sloppy, enemies are nearly invincible on normal difficulty and many of the gunfights are apparently designed to be memory games (die, memorize spawn points, redo). If the game score were based entirely on how fun Uncharted was to actually play, I think more scores would be closer to mine than five. 
My final recommendation? Rent the game, set the difficulty to "Very Easy" and play it once to see the cool movie.

Posted by vverissimo

hmm, actually the controls where really really good (one of the most smooth and fun i've played) and the game was not that hard (just some parts while playing at the hard difficulty).

Posted by playastation

Yah I actually found the game quite easy on normal. You make no mention of the platforming either, which is part of the gameplay. And you said the puzzlin was good, which was also part of the gameplay. 
Maybe you should play on easy?

Posted by Xanth93

This game actually has amazing shooting, platforming, and storytelling. It's one of the best games in a long time. I don't see what you're talking about.

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