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150046 EJC Game Overview 12/15/14 11:57AM 130 Denied
150045 EJC Game Overview 12/15/14 11:50AM 40 Denied
150044 EJC Game Overview 12/15/14 11:49AM 220 Denied
150043 EJC Game Overview 12/15/14 11:43AM 98 Denied
150042 EJC Game Overview 12/15/14 11:41AM 56 Denied
150040 EJC Game Overview 12/15/14 11:23AM 166 Denied
150039 EJC Game Overview 12/15/14 11:20AM 122 Approved
110163 Yummylee Game Overview 05/28/14 09:51AM 1 Approved
110157 Yummylee Game Overview 05/28/14 09:46AM 9 Approved
100442 Yummylee Game Overview 04/17/14 03:00PM 26 Approved
100438 Yummylee Game Overview 04/17/14 02:42PM 39 Approved
100437 Yummylee Game Overview 04/17/14 02:40PM 93 Approved
92941 Yummylee Game Overview 03/11/14 03:29PM 6 Approved
92939 Yummylee Game Overview 03/11/14 03:26PM 3 Approved
92938 Yummylee Game Overview still sort of a work-in-progress, but I've rewritten and expanded the gameplay section. The original write up mostly read like it was some sort of preview or PR article. 03/11/14 03:22PM 821 Approved
92441 Yummylee Game Overview 03/09/14 05:52PM 3 Approved
92174 Yummylee Game Overview 03/08/14 03:01PM 157 Approved
92172 Yummylee Game Overview 03/08/14 02:59PM 1 Approved
92171 Yummylee Game Overview deleting bits & pieces from the story and gameplay segments, which frankly read like PR malarkey... in fact both segments could do with being rewritten altogether. 03/08/14 02:58PM 228 Approved
28076 rampoudel10 Game Overview 05/06/13 03:29PM 3 Approved
27604 Dangerloves Game Overview 05/04/13 10:06PM 3 Approved
5192 MisterCrow Game Overview I had not seen this in any game up until Uncharted 2. In the 02-12-2013 Bombcast they were discussing this feature because it is apparently in DmC. Nobody could come up with a game that did this prior to DmC. So, that, coupled with my own experience, leads me to believe this is one of the first instances (if not the first) to implement this feature. A picture of it - 02/18/13 12:42PM 11 Approved
3514 Yummylee Game Overview 02/16/13 08:36AM 1 Approved

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