Cutter's lack of screentime in Uncharted 3 explained.

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An interesting piece trivia for those wondering why Cutter didn't have a larger role in Uncharted 3. According to Nolan North's "Drake's Journal" book, Cutter was originally planned to appear in the entire game. The actor who played Cutter, Graham McTavish, had been cast to play the role of Dwalin on Peter Jackson's "The Hobbit". Long story short, his Hobbit schedule clashed with the mocap filming in the game. In the middle of production, McTavish had to go to New Zealand for filming and had only 5 days to complete mocap and ADR. As a result, Amy Hennig, the Creative Director, had to rewrite his role so he could be taken out of the picture early. Shame really, the character was great. Although, good on McTavish for landing a role on The Hobbit.

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It's because he jumped out of a burning building and broke his leg! Duh!

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That doesn't really excuse the way they left that character

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@Commisar123: I agree, however it's more understandable.

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That's kind of shitty, he was probably my favourite new character this year and it's annoying to know part of one of the best stories in games this year was removed purely because a scheduling clash.

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It sucks that he fucked up the script, but I suppose it's hard to turn down an opportunity like that.

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Whatever, he'll still be one of my favourite characters in video games this year.  Im glad they didnt really kill him off because that wouldve been sad....

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Ah well, that's showbiz. I certainly felt his departure was abrupt. Although I felt a lot of things that happened in the game were abrupt and/or underdeveloped, after it got off to a pretty nice start.

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I thought it worked fine in the story. He broke his leg, and couldn't continue. Chloe stayed back to tend to him.

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That's at least a better excuse then Heavy Rain's developers had.

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No it's because Smaug ate him. Fucking dragons ruin everything!

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That's a poor excuse, they should have recast him. As good as he was, his absence in half the game kinda ruined a lot of that game's plot. His exit from the game felt really cheap, and a little lazy from the writing side of things. This explains a lot.

Now I'm all hostile to The Hobbit. Uncharted got a poorer third entry because people are way too into these movies about scenery and walking around. At least The Hobbit was a better book than the LOTR ones, but I found them all kinda lame and impenetrable due JRR Tolkien being more of a linguist than an author. His obsession with words and language made a potentially interesting story way more boring than it needed to be.

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Is Claudia Black starring in the Hobbit, too?...

As others have said, it's more understandable, but it doesn't lessen the fact that Cutter was largely wasted on and his role didn't really amount to anything. I was very appreciative that we finally got a much more prominent pairing of Drake & Sully, but having virtually every other character getting the shaft still sucked all the same.

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I really wanted to see more of that dude. Sucks that scheduling conflicts got in the way!

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Some of you people are crazy.  You have a good actor that is working out great in a role that gets a fantastic you 
A) Picth a fit and block him from leaving 
B) Pitch a fit and recast and rewite you entire storyto take that actor out of the game.
C) Tie up that actor's part in your production and send him off to a great oppurtnuty, saying, "If there's another game UC we'd love to have you back"  
One reason Nanughty Dog games a are good is the development team is not full of petty worthless a-holes.   The probably could not have blocked him from leaving, nor would they wanted to rob him of the best oppurtunity of his acting life, so they acted maturely. 
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That really sucks, not that he got the role in the Hobbit good for him, but that he had to be written out of the story in such a crappy way.

That kinda explains why the story from around the point where he fell down from the tower felt rushed and had quite a few unexplained things. He would probably have been with Drake all the way through the game too.

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They could have kept him on in retro 2D side-scrolling levels where all dialogue was text based.

That would have been the best possible solution.

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Figured as much. A movie like the Hobbit would have taken him too much time. I hope that if Uncharted 4 is made we will see more of Cutter. Cutter was awesome.

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uncharted 4 will be first person.

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@Abyssfull: She prob went on to finish voice work for her character in Gears 3

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