Did anybody shoot...(spoilers)?

#1 Posted by TheKramer89 (423 posts) -

Near the end when you're trippin' balls and you're having a flashback, you get the opportunity to either shoot Sully or have him shoot you. Did anybody actually shoot him? And what happened?

#2 Posted by ImmortalSaiyan (4676 posts) -

I shot him and it reverted me to normal.

#3 Posted by DarthOrange (3860 posts) -

@TheKramer89: I shot him and then i woke up. What happened if you didn't?

#4 Posted by GunstarRed (5169 posts) -

I didn't even hesitate to shoot him,I dunno what that says about me.

#5 Posted by TheKramer89 (423 posts) -

Man, you guys are dicks. How can you shoot Sully?

If you don't shoot him he shoots you and you wake up. pretty much the same I guess. They probably could've done some sort of alternate ending with that...

#6 Posted by ImmortalSaiyan (4676 posts) -

@DarthOrange said:

@TheKramer89: I shot him and then i woke up. What happened if you didn't?

That is what I want to know.

#7 Posted by hbkdx12 (779 posts) -
@ImmortalSaiyan: He shoots you and then you go back to adult drake. So basically no difference.
#8 Posted by JeanLuc (3583 posts) -

I didn't even know you could shoot him!! Damn now I wish I did.

#9 Posted by FCKSNAP (2299 posts) -

I shot Cutter instead.

#10 Posted by huntad (1935 posts) -

I didn't shoot him, and it returned me to normal. I believe it does the same thing either way.

#11 Posted by jkuc316 (981 posts) -

I shot him, what he was pointing a gun at me and it was a hallucination anyways.

#12 Posted by delorean99947 (228 posts) -

I shot because I expected the game to expect me to shoot.

#13 Posted by Yummylee (21615 posts) -

Hell naw. I wanted to test it and see if I would fail the section by choosing not to.

#14 Posted by Melvargh (494 posts) -

If you shot Sully, you're a bad bad person.

#15 Posted by Tacoboy1986 (143 posts) -

I shot him thinking it was Talbot in disguise. Then I got worried there were multiple endings where either Sully lived or died.

#16 Posted by buzz_killington (3532 posts) -

I didn't shoot him. I couldn't.

#17 Posted by Tesla (1921 posts) -

He was pointing a gun at me, so I shot him.

#18 Posted by Scarlet_Rogue (500 posts) -

I shot him at what looked like that last second I'd be able to. That look in his warped drug dimension eyes told me he was about to shoot me.

#19 Posted by Village_Guy (2570 posts) -

I shot him because I thought the game would fail me if I didn't...

#20 Posted by Soap (3589 posts) -

I was really pissed off at that time because the combat was being a bitch and kicking my ass so I put a bullet between his eyes with a smile.

#21 Posted by Slaker117 (4841 posts) -

I was going to make a joke about player choice in an Uncharted game, but I decided that it would come off too dickish.

#22 Posted by TheKing (834 posts) -

I didn't shoot him, couldn't bring myself to.

#23 Posted by ArclightBorealis (1563 posts) -

I did shoot the gun, but I don't think I actually hit Sully. I'm sure I aimed it just slightly past him.

#24 Posted by weegieanawrench (1938 posts) -

I could never shoot Sully. Never.

#25 Posted by N7 (3588 posts) -

What kind of person shoots Sully? WHAT KIND OF PERSON!?

#26 Posted by Djratchet (669 posts) -

I shot him, didn't even hesitate. with Drake tripping balls, my thinking was that maybe someone actually does have a gun pulled on him, but he was seeing him as Sully. Cool to know you can refuse to shoot him.

#27 Posted by Dallas_Raines (2160 posts) -

I couldn't do it.

#28 Posted by fetchfox (1263 posts) -

Right between the eyes... thought he was somebody ells as nothing Nate saw was real.

#29 Posted by jjnen (661 posts) -

I shot his gun, all RDR style, because I didn't want to shoot him. No one else did this?

#30 Posted by Redbullet685 (6043 posts) -

@delorean99947 said:

I shot because I expected the game to expect me to shoot.

#31 Posted by jasonefmonk (350 posts) -

I shot with little hesitation. I hated to do it but Nate was fuuucked up.

#32 Posted by MikkaQ (10288 posts) -

Nah, I wanted to see if you failed or not.

Plus, only jerks would shoot Sully!

#33 Edited by RE_Player1 (7560 posts) -

@Melvargh said:

If you shot Sully, you're a bad bad person.

Yup. I shot around him to try and empty the clip but I never shot him.

#34 Posted by DjCmeP (1148 posts) -

On my first playthrough I didn't shoot him because Sully is a great character but on my 2nd playthrough (CRUSHING) I shot him.

There's no difference...you just wake up from that sequence.

#35 Edited by jello44 (44 posts) -

Yeah, I shot him. I thought I was supposed to.

#36 Posted by Legend (2659 posts) -

I shot him because I guessed he was actually Talbot in reality, but Drake was drugged and he thought he saw Sully.

#37 Posted by TheHumanDove (2523 posts) -

I let Sully shoot me. Theres no way I can shoot that man

#38 Posted by solidejake (484 posts) -

I did because I figured you had to, then on my Crushing play through, I let him shoot me. Same things happened both times.

#39 Posted by Andorski (5308 posts) -

I shot him in the leg. It's non-lethal, he would be fine.

#40 Posted by Hemmelight (164 posts) -

I shot him because I assumed I was supposed to or else the game would restart that scene and say 'Shoot him you idiot!' on the bottom of the screen.

#41 Posted by Eddie_and_the_Fist_Monkeys (81 posts) -

I recently left Shadow on the floating continent in ff6 never to see him again, I wasn't going to betray another ally for the sake of a reload or whatever punishment the game could lay on me for my pacifism .

Would have been cool to see a different treatment within the game based on that decision though, missed opportunity I think. Also how much of a dick is Talbot, great villain.

#42 Posted by probablytuna (3654 posts) -

I wouldn't shoot Sully ever. Even if he was shooting at me.

#43 Posted by the_OFFICIAL_jAPanese_teaBAG (4308 posts) -

I shot him because those demon things were being bitches and I just wanted to get that whole sequence over with

#44 Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff (5423 posts) -

I shot him because of the situation Nate was in earlier as a kid. If Sully is the one pointing the gun at me, then who would shoot him to save me? So I shot him myself!

#45 Posted by Castiel (2600 posts) -

@buzz_killington said:

I didn't shoot him. I couldn't.

#46 Posted by MonkeyKing1969 (2768 posts) -

I shot him.
In addition, I did it for a very good reason in my mind.  When you were captured in the Syrian market, Katherine Marlowe tells you something to the effect of, 'You should have just shot Sully when you were a kid and had a normal life'.  I figured Drake needed to try out that eventuality in the dream world.  You know you are in a dream when you pop into Columbia again, so why not work out that concept?
The most logical thing to do in the dream is to shoot him.  

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