FFS, Stop destroying Ancient Cities!!

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I just replayed Uncharted 3 and am amazed at how good Drake is at destroying entire cities that have stood for centuries minding their own business ;). If they ever make a another Uncharted game (and I hope they do), it would be nice to end the game without Drake lurching from broken fragment to broken fragment of architectural greatness.

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#2 Posted by probablytuna (4831 posts) -

Well they're gonna fall eventually, better to go down spectacularly with explosions!

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#3 Edited by Fredchuckdave (10021 posts) -

If last year taught us anything it is that cities need to be destroyed at all costs, as seen in The Avengers, Battleship, The Dark Knight Rises, and the upcoming GI Joe movie; next to a military fetish it's the most important aspect of film-making. Uncharted might not have modern cities so they have to make do with random ruins that used to have people in them.

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it's solving all those ancient mechanical puzzles. really whittles the infrastructure down.

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