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So does the online pass attach to your PSN account or your PS3?

I am asking because: My brother, who does not live with me, bought Uncharted 3 and let me play it first. Is there a way both of us can enjoy Uncharted 3 multiplayer without one of us having to pay the extra $10 for an online pass?

I suspect no. I'm kind of disappointed with Naughty Dog for this, but it's not really a big deal. Since it's my brother's game, I should let him use the online pass that comes with the game. But I'm just looking for clarification.

Wait...I remember that UC3 multiplayer also went free to play... So.. would that mean that as long as I have it installed in the harddrive and I buy an online pass, then I can play it without the disc?

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The online pass is tied to the account that redeemed it, but i want to say it will work with other accounts so long as the account that redeemed it is on that PS3 (not really sure). And here is a FAQ for the free to play version.

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@auron570: The online pass is tied to the account but all users on the PS3 can play online. You don't have to buy an online pass for the F2P version. You do have to pay after you hit the level cap though.

Also, ND isn't the only company who does this, which I assume you know. It's also Sony who makes these online passes, not the developers.

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