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*I'm hijacking my old game night thread and giving you an update on all things Uncharted 3*

So Uncharted is mainly known for it's fantastic single player experiences. As far as multiplayer, well you can see by the reviews that it barely gets a mention and is more of a bullet point than anything else. The view across most of the gaming space is that this is just another tacked on multiplayer which isn't needed because Uncharted's single player can sell copies itself.

As someone who has been playing the Uncharted multiplayer since the UC2 beta. I thought I would give a quick insight into the world of the multiplayer and provide a couple of links for you to check out if you so wish.

The community for Uncharted has always been a small one compared to the juggernauts of the multiplayer space. However they're incredibly vocal and passionate about the game. This is shown in the competitive side of multiplayer. With the help of key figures in the community such as Squid and tripleWRECK. There has been a push to get Uncharted's multiplayer recognized on the Frag Nation tournament scene. In short, it has been very successful and for a small multiplayer to get sponsors so late in it's life, is quite a feat!

Here is a highlight real for the 1st round of the latest Uncharted tournament that finished a couple of weeks ago.

I feel this has made Sony and Naughty Dog realize there is a lot of dedication towards this game. This can be shown in the changes to the game such as improved custom options and developer Q&A.

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For those who aren't really interested in the competitive side of things, there's quite a healthy player base as far as public matches. Although major patches have stopped now, Naughty Dog continues to release DLC which currently comes in the form of hats like you get in Team Fortress 2 or an update to the playlist mode called the lab, which could be a new map to play on, some crazy weapon combination like shield only or an adaptation of a current mode like plunder pistols only.

The most successful lab so far has been the dodgeball lab which I will let the video do the explaining.

Now I know from jumping into other multiplayer games that it's no fun getting destroyed by the veterans who play the game everyday. It's confusing because you don't know the maps, what weapons to use or what to really do to get better.

Well I can help you out there because there's a few things to make it a little easier. A year ago I made a thread which is basically a massive database of information of how to get better at the game. This covers all aspects from movement to clan tactics.

Becoming a Better Player [Community Project]

A few months ago I took it another stage further and started making video tutorials to reach out to players outside the forum. Here's a tutorial I made specifically for new players.

Here's a youtube playlist link if you're interested in the other tutorials in the series.

Uncharted Thoughts

You can also watch these on Uncharted TV which plays community videos while you're waiting in the lobby.

I used to run a Uncharted Gaming Night on Giant Bomb which was a lot of fun but due to other commitments I had to stop. There is actually a game night that continues to run on the Naughty Dog forums. It's a good way to get into the multiplayer if you're just starting out. Just post in the thread and you're in.

Naughty Paws: Uncharted Game Nights

Finally if you want to get into the community side of things, there's a facebook page which you might be interested in.

Why am I saying all this?

Well Uncharted 3 multiplayer recently went F2P so you can play the game for free. On top of that, for PSN Plus members you can get the digital version of Uncharted 3 for free. So perhaps you might want to give it a try.

That's your Uncharted multiplayer update. Thanks for reading.

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I will get things started so who is interested in a game night next Saturday? Hopefully there will be a patch that fixes matchmaking by then.
In other news I'm 3rd legacy lvl 60 already and feel slightly dirty for playing so much UC3 XD

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#3 Posted by Rekt_Hed (953 posts) -
Jeez duder! 3rd legacy already that's INSANE. Haven't be able to get on much recently and I think this weekend I'm seeing of a mate who's going traveling for 6 months (its not for treasure as far as I know ;))

But have been getting a good session in here and there. Have a house mate who only has a xbox and 2 weeks ago FINALLY got him to play some uncharted for the first time Eva and did online splitscreen - which is a fucking he's saving up for a PS3 :D

so this is good news as now when I'm able to make it to game night I should be bringing a extra duder with me :)
Will start writing down some new names to add to my friends list as well. Just in case anyone wants to save me some time my PSN addy is 'Rekt_Hed'
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Also Pete when I try to use the link for PSN names list I get the dreaded 404 of SHAME!

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#5 Posted by Legend (2717 posts) -

I'm 2nd Legacy rank 50, and I think I play this game too much.. You're fucking crazy dude. lol

My PSN ID is Alexxator. Let me know you're from Giant Bomb if you add me because I don't accept random friend requests.

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I would be down for some Uncharted 3. I swear a lot and blame all of my insecurities on my team, but I win a lot and do pretty well on my own. If you're down for some hardcore from-the-back dude-loving, then send a frequest(Friend request) to Crimson_Ryan on the PSN.
I want to regularly play this game and have made it to like level 55 and I would be so down with playing with some duders here. And if my friends list is full(I'm kind of a big deal) just send me a message like "GET RID OF SOME OF THOSE LOSERS" so I can make the necessary arrangements. I also apparently don't know how to spell necessary.

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@Rekt_Hed said:
Also Pete when I try to use the link for PSN names list I get the dreaded 404 of SHAME!
It works for me but I have done the links again so please let me know if the 404 error has gone or not.
Guys I have a player list (link in OP which hopefully works) you can add your PSN names to and please remember to add people yourself. My friends list is full but there is a Facebook option you can read more about in the guide. Also check out the rest of the guide which you can find most of the section links for in the OP. 
Oh and for anyone who wondered here's how I leveled up so quick.
What loadouts are you using and liking at the moment?
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#8 Posted by jkuc316 (1002 posts) -

@N7: No need for insecurities, the Clan has plenty of decent players! Even I, the most useless in the clan, have my uses sometimes!

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@jkuc316: Try the new suicide bomber loadout XD
Long Gun: Kal7 + blindfire mod
Pistol: Elena's Raffica
Booster 1: Thanks Buddy
Booster 2: Revenge level 3 
Paid Booster: Bargain
Kickback: Cluster Bomb
You will be my buddy and we will fill your kickback medals till the cluster bomb is ready. Then you will blindfire the Kal7 into a group of them and after you finally get brought down the fun begins. Revenge is initiated which means you drop your cluster bomb and in the words of the AuzzieGamer "They get blown SKY FUCKING HIGH!!!"
We need to play objective together XD
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#10 Posted by Brackynews (4387 posts) -

Thanks for the loadout tips! Hopefully the next patches don't throw everything off.
I do not play too much Uncharted. :) That's life though.

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@Brackynews: I couldn't add you to the PSN chat last week because we join through the Facebook thing. Did you get my actual friend request?
Edit: Yes I fear the patch because Naughty Dog does some slightly insane things sometimes *cough UC2 patch 1.05* :/
Edit2: About the picture thing I'm hoping we can get a full ten players in a custom match during game night. Then we can all do our own taunts at the same time and I will take a picture in Cinema mode for the OP. I will send it to you to add text when I have done this and the current one I found on Google images will be replaced.
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#12 Posted by Brackynews (4387 posts) -
@X19: Done and done. Hope the matching works out better this weekend.
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#13 Posted by Yummylee (24646 posts) -

If I can pull myself away from SR3, which I know I'll have by then, I'll certainly be strengthening my status as a ''regular'' and will tag for a while :P

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#14 Posted by jkuc316 (1002 posts) -

@X19: Cool,but I may need to level up! XD

Although, I have been practicing objective and getting great at it.

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Guys I'm thinking of trying to organize some three man groups to work on getting adventure mode done on crushing. I'm guessing we could do this during game night but start putting some money into the co op loadouts (Remember if you legacy you will lose it all). I think the kickbacks which boost damage, protect from damage and revive are the best ones. The booster choices for me would definitely be regeneration and probably bargain to get that kickback often.
Anyway let me know who is up for the challenge of getting the crushing difficulty done and put your PSN name here if you haven't already.
Btw you get a little star on your emblem if you complete all chapters on crushing isn't that nice XD

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#16 Posted by Yummylee (24646 posts) -


UUUUGGGGGGGGGBLAHWADAFSJDSFASHDASFSA I wish you were planning this when I actually had all my coop boosters and shiz nit; I gold medal'd Team Safe and everything >_<... I'll be up for having a go non the less, but I'm well prepared should I need to be left on the bench after a few attempts. @_@

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@Abyssfull: I seriously have nothing unlocked either, I'm just putting a shout out that if you want to work on adventure, upgrade co op stuff and don't legacy. It seriously is hard so I think those small man teams will have to put some hours in and learn to work as a team.
I personally will probably think about completing crushing when I get to the last prestige. Save me upgrading co op stuff over and over.
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Game Night tonight. Will be custom if we get enough people and co op if just a few show up. Matchmaking still needs to be patched but it should be fine for next week.

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@X19: What time exactly? Like, night-time or what? Because I go to work from 12-4 today and I don't want to miss it. Also, I am down for some co-op. Hellz yeah.
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#20 Posted by X19 (2370 posts) -
@N7: The link in the OP tells you everything you need to know.
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#21 Posted by Yummylee (24646 posts) -

I'll be thar. As much as I am still enjoying Saints Row The Third, it's not drawing me in quite as much as I predicted over the fact that it's a lot like Saints Row 2. Which isn't a bad thing, but I have already played around 2 years worth of SR2 before hand... Anywhoo I'm game for whatever we can rustle up; cooperative or competitive, it still gets me the money closer to buying back my cooperative boosters and crap for our eventual Crushing success'. x)

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Changed the OP up slightly.
Thanks for those who played last week, especially jk and Abyssfull. We will succeed in our co op crushing challenge!!!
See you next Saturday everyone.

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#23 Posted by Legend (2717 posts) -

@X19: I'm up for beating coop adventure on Crushing. I'm third legacy now. I just need to level up a bit to unlock Army of Three.

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Quick update I wont be here this week. 

  • Thanks to Brackynews for uploading a community match which you can view in the guide
  • New people have added their info to the player list so add them.
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#25 Posted by Brackynews (4387 posts) -

No prob. Looks good in 720!

Alright, so... fuck pick up groups, basically. :/

If anyone would like to team up for Co-op Adventure on Normal, to get all the Normal-only goodies, please get in touch! Naturally it doesn't need to be Saturdays in particular. Let's make a time. Tired of being voted into Hard on maps I've never played. :p

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#26 Posted by X19 (2370 posts) -
@Brackynews: Once I  finish monastery on crushing and get the star I probably wont play adventure again.
Always up for Arena though as I want some of the heroes hats and it's fun. 
You think I private PM with everyone who has added their name to the player list would be better than commenting here?
  • Upside people get sent a PM every time someone posts and more people are likely to see shouts like your comment too.
  • Downside it's maintenance to keep adding all the new people.
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#27 Posted by Brackynews (4387 posts) -

@X19: Don't blame ya. And I wouldn't ask one of the top-500 players to schlep with me in normal. ;) Had a really good time tonight in UC2 adventure, actually. Those are fun maps. Two players on the bridge versus a helicopter and two juggernauts. "Did that just happen???" O_O

I could ask in the PM, but you did make a push for people to use this thread. I'll ask @Huntad directly and I'll mention it on my Facebook account too.

What about if you added another section at the bottom of the guide specifically for "Help Wanted"? RIght now the player list comments are really just a players list. A separate bunch will probably stay small and be easy to notice.

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#28 Posted by X19 (2370 posts) -
@Brackynews: Help wanted was really what comments in this thread were for.
The problem is people don't check the guide often so they wouldn't notice that section. If someone left a comment there apart from me (I get a PM when people edit the guide) it might be a week before anyone else sees it. I will make a Giant Bomb private PM with all the people who put there names in the player list. Would you be up for helping me maintain it? It only means just adding new people from the player list on occasion.
Will have a think on it as I'm unsure if a private PM will even mean people will read and use it.
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#29 Posted by X19 (2370 posts) -

I'm taking a break from games and the forums I visit so there will be no activity from me for a while.

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#30 Posted by FoxxFireArt (156 posts) -


Sad to see so little action for this thread. It's an awesome game. I got it for Christmas and I'm already Legacy 1 Lvl 53. I only have one more Crushing Co-op Adventure. My PSN account is on my Giant Bomb profile in the Achievements section. I'd certainly like to join in.

Last week, I had a Team Deathmatch win that was 22 and 8. Sadly, I had joined the game in progress, and it didn't save in the Cinema.

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@FoxxFireArt: XD Duder did you read the OP? We have stopped talking in this thread and have moved to a private message board. If you add your info to the player list in the hub I will add you to the PM.
Seriously we're very much alive and are organizing meet ups/events all the time.
Btw have a read through the hub as there are tips etc for co op and all sorts.
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#32 Posted by Keeng (1023 posts) -

I added my name to the list. GLHS!

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#33 Posted by Redbullet685 (6451 posts) -

We should really get the Game Night up and running again. We did it for UC2 and the UC3 beta, but it never really happened for UC3. The private matches in UC2 were always awesome.

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@Redbullet685: I'm not seeing a demand for it in the PM or the general forums. So far we haven't been able to get more than 6 in the lobby. So we play co op or just play as a party in public matches. 
Unless there's regulars who attend every week/month then it wont get off the ground. I can't commit to it like I could with UC2 and that's why I tried a different route this time. By all means if others want to get something going then that's great. 
With the rocky start the multiplayer had I fear it scared a lot of players away. Even though it has been vastly improved there's now the problem of GB players going against 5 man clans who play UC3 everyday. Custom games are the answer but I don't know like I said if there's interested in it. 
I strongly believe we need someone with a HD PVR who can record a match and show the rest of GB how much fun the customs are. The PC guys who run game nights do that, with great success.
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Big update to the OP.

Please have a read :)

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