UC3 Patch 1.11 is absolutely brilliant.

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My god if they had released the game like this at launch.

Anyway come back and have a go at the lab at least guys. See what you think of the game it has probably changed a lot since you last tried it.

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With this patch we will see;

  • The return of the LAB
  • The return of Elimination
  • Extra custom game options
  • Veto for intro sequences on airport and london underground
  • Plunder K/D stats non-affected
  • The message of the day with patch notes and Uncharted info
  • Long ranger medal changed to 3 kills at 50m instead of 70m
  • Game quits still effect your K/D and the match will count as a loss.

Man I'm so excited this is exactly what the fans have been asking for :D

*Forgot to say the actual patch gets released next week*

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Wow, I'm actually kind of surprised that people are still playing Uncharted 3 online.

Sounds neat.

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@Cloudenvy: The community is very strong at the moment. Not COD numbers obviously but there is a good player base with tournaments, scrims and community events happening all the time. Most importantly the devs recognize our existance on the forums and have fixed a ton of problems with the game over the past two months.

Great time to be playing UC3 :)

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@X19: Huh, might try and get back into that again. I was really big on UC2 multiplayer but UC3 never really hooked me.

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I'm not big on multiplayer. I still need to play the single player though whenever I have time- I may check it out whenever that happens though.

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@Cloudenvy: There's a massive thread in the forums about bringing a classic UC2 mode back. Devs are considering bringing that UC2 style back in it's own mode. Hopefully it will bring back those who didn't enjoy the UC3 style as much.

For now 1.11 has fixed a lot of problems and the lab + elimination will be a ton of fun.

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OHHHH, I love that they are now counting K to Ds even if you quit. This should really cut back on some rage quitters who are artificially boosting their profile stats like that. You know when you see someone with 30K kills and only 6K deaths. That's what they do. It's also a great touch that Kills and Deaths will no longer be counted in objective based matches. It should be about the objectives in Team Objectives and Plunder. Not people using them to up their K to D. I bet you'll see people play a lot more wildly because of that because they are actually trying to do the objectives.

I really enjoyed Elimination in UC2. It was really strong on tactics and sticking together as a squad. That's the way to win that match.

I never experienced The Lab in UC2. I don't really know what to make of that.

I love the intros on TDM. I wish they had made more.

I wonder if Advanced Settings could also effect Arena to just do ten rounds of Survival or the others?

Only question left is when does this patch drop? I wish they would do this again for TNT since this is really changing things up.


You can certainly count me in on some more Elimination, Lab, and objective matches.

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@CornBREDX: Check out the co-op story adventure mode for a good few hours of fun. Arena co-op mode is a chilled way to spend a few hours, I listen to the bombcast while playing it. Hunter stay well clear of it's terrible and shade's mode, don't waste your money.

So yeah try co-op if you do finish the single player and want to get some more Uncharted goodness.

I will be all over elimination. Send me a friend invite if you see me in the lobby.

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@X19 said:

@CornBREDX: Check out the co-op story adventure mode for a good few hours of fun. Arena co-op mode is a chilled way to spend a few hours, I listen to the bombcast while playing it. Hunter stay well clear of it's terrible and shade's mode, don't waste your money.

So yeah try co-op if you do finish the single player and want to get some more Uncharted goodness.

I liked Shade Survival, but you need to play with friends who will stick together. You will also find that UC3's Co-op modes are always busy. There are people who play almost exclusively Co-op and never touch the competitive. Though, with this patch the competitive objective modes should get a lot more fun.

I completely agree about Hunter Arena. Maybe it could get better now that rage quitting effects your stats, but I doubt that. I'm so happy there are no treasures associated specifically to that mode.

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Has the shooting been tweaked anymore? I haven't played UC3 multiplayer since around February.

I loved that you could switch to the UC2 way of shooting in single-player. I just wish they could have done something like that in multiplayer too because shooting dudes in UC3 multiplayer never felt near as good as it did in UC2.

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Any idea when this patch will drop?

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@Vyse: Best to jump in and try bud. The shooting feels great to me but I can't describe a feeling of shooting guns. There's been lots of gun balancing with the Kal-7, G-Mal, Fal-SS, Ak-47. Idk put the UC3 disc in and give it a try, split screen in custom match if you don't want to jump right in the multiplayer.

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Considering the state of the community (as in everyone is going to be at least competent and/or at maximum rank), I'm still in no hurry to head back in; it reached the point where while I could still handle myself pretty well, the occasions where I would get fucking decimated would leave me feeling so shitty afterwards. And they're only going to increase as the community gets smaller and you've only got left the crazies with 90,0000 kills to 5 deaths. It was fun while it lasted, but it's still just another shooter, and a lot of the modes are just DM variants. Oh, hey, well at least Elimination's back!... Y'know, yet another riff on the DM formula.

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@Awolf007: Next week. They release the patch notes and the patch follows less than a week after that.

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Finally! Elimination!

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@Yummylee: Play with DLC off, the skill level is much lower. The top players have all the map packs and play with DLC on, so they wont be in your player pool.

As always it's best to team up with friends. 5 man parties will always appear in Uncharted. Try 3tdm :)

Edit: The lab wont be just another DM variation. Some interesting ideas are popping up in that forum.

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This patch has now been released for anybody who is interested.

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