Uncharted 3 £24

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Well £23.95 at Zavvi new, I wasn't in much of a rush to buy this after playing through number 2 again awhile back but at this price I thought I might as well.

Just a heads up for anyone else waiting to buy this one.

umm maybe I should add a question, are there any games you are waiting to buy that are already out?

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@X19: Thanks, I'll get started on that after I go through the single player.

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@corruptsaves: Will add you to our Private Message board so you can see what we get up to. Please leave your PSN name in the hub so people can add you. If the PM is not for you just drop out of it, tis simple, no pressure :)
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People that haven't already got it should now go and get it, it was worth its price originally so now its even more recommendable.

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@Hizang: Have you started doing let's plays man? I swear I saw a thread about it. Anyway I had an idea which might make you stand out as everyone does let's plays. How about joining in with the game nights across the site. PseG did a thread about it but really unless bombers actually see what goes on the interest just isn't there. You could go in as a complete noob in various games, chilling with different sects of the community and record some footage for our viewing pleasure.
On UC3 there's six co op story modes, survival mode coming in March and also we can get custom ten man objective games going.
Interested in watching Syndicate co op etc because I can't afford it at the mo.
See what you think of the idea.

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