Uncharted 3 Sea of Blood

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Yeah it's a glitch. During the pirate level the water turned red and an enemy was missing his lower half and his shirt. It was weird. Did anyone get this glitch? Have you gotten others? Try to remain spoiler free with the glitch descriptions.  
Also, I was playing in 3D. Does that make it more likely for the game to mess up? Besides that stuff, the pirate level looks amazing. There are some textures I've never seen in any other game. Too many waves of enemies though. 

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I had that exact thing happen to me too. Then one of the pirates spawned on the boat and the only thing that rendered was his arms. So he was shooting me and I shot a RPG centre mass, and it went right through him. Then his head spawned and then I got a headshot on him and killed him.

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Talbot's hallucinogens, they're a hell of a drug.

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