Uncharted at Comic-Con!

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Just saw this and got excited.  I can never use TOO MUCH Uncharted news.  Also, that cover by Adam Hughes looks pretty slick.  And glad to see the half-tuck is still alive in that action figure/statue.  Wonder if anything new is going to come out of this.  They have to reveal something, right?

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Why won't the media leave those poor comics alone?!

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@Mr_Skeleton:   Lol.  Who knows.  Comic-Con is ALWAYS full of non-comic related stuff... Hahaha.
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Neato. I'm definitely up for anything new they're willing to show to the public. 
EDIT: Ha, I find this poster for the tie-in comic weirdly hilarious over how much they don't look like their respective characters. They all look like they're being played by Hollywood nobodies, though Sully looks eerily Vincent Price-ish.

Heather Graham is... Elena Fisher! 
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COmic Con is the best possible thing to Uncharted

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