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It's a good movie with inputs

When I bought this game, my PS3 was 8 months old. I had already been through Uncharted 1 and 2, and liked them. A lot. These games are the perfect examples of linear single player games: wonderful graphics, action packed scenes, engaging story, etc. The third installment should be the summum of all these aspects, still I was left with the weird feeling that something was missing.

This series has great characters, plus great acting. What's missing in this one is the emphasis on the supporting cast. A lot of the spotlight is on Drake and Sully, but what about Katherine? The Elena and Chloe? The new guy in the gang, Charlie? I wanna know more about these folks more! Some of these characters dies without even a clue about their motivations or their goals.

Overall I felt the game was way more interactive-movie than video game. Melee scenes are quite bad, it feels like the Batman Arkham Asylum/City battle system, but with way less inputs from the player.

Still, it is a great game, I really enjoyed it.


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