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Uncharted 4: A Thief's End is the fourth game in the Uncharted series by Naughty Dog, coming to the PlayStation 4 spring 2016 . It is set three years after Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception, with Drake now on the hunt for Sam Avery's treasure alongside his older brother, Sam.


Uncharted 4 is a third-person cover-based shooter with light traversal elements like its predecessors, however it looks to be building upon the series rudimentary stealth elements to help them more naturally coexist alongside the shooting, somewhat akin to The Last of Us. The environments too look like they may be somewhat more open, allowing players to tackle combat situations with more flexibility.

A grappling hook has been added to Drake's repertoire to allow more freedom in traversing environments in and out of combat.


The existence of a new Uncharted game for PlayStation 4 was first revealed in a short teaser trailer on November 13th, 2013. It wasn't until June 9th of 2014, during Sony's E3 conference, that the full title of Uncharted 4: A Thief's End was revealed. A short in-engine trailer of a roughed-up Nathan Drake was shown, with voiceover dialog between Drake and his longtime friend Victor 'Sully' Sullivan that hinted at the game's darker tone.

The creative leads for Uncharted 4 initially included Justin Richmond and Amy Hennig. However, in the midst of early development, Hennig left Naughty Dog for undisclosed reasons, later moving on to Visceral Games as lead writer for the studio's Star Wars project. Though the multi-media site IGN stated that Hennig was in fact ''forced out'' of the company by The Last of Us & Uncharted 2: Among Thieves directors Neil Druckmann and Bruce Straley, whom are now the current leads for Uncharted 4. This accusation was soon refuted and criticized as ''shoddy reporting'' by Naughty Dog Co-Presidents Evan Wells and Christophe Balestra via an interview with Game Informer.

Richmond also left the company soon after to join Riot Games. Todd Stashwick, the actor who provided the voiceover for the first teaser trailer, was recast as well, and is in fact working alongside Amy Hennig--to whom is a friend of Stashwick--in writing Visceral Games' Star Wars project.

For Uncharted 4, Druckmann and Straley said they aim to continue the familiar action-heavy style that Uncharted has become known for, while also telling a more mature story in the vein of Naughty Dog's previous game, The Last of Us. Due to concerns from fans in this regard, however, Evan Wells during an interview with Eurogamer went on to state that they consider Uncharted and The Last of Us to be distinctly separate franchises, and are still going to keep the story of Uncharted 4 as a relatively light-hearted affair.

During Sony's PlayStation Experience Keynote livestream on December 7th of 2014, gameplay of Uncharted 4 was officially debuted. Running at over 15 minutes long, it shown much of what is said to be expected from the full game, such as a keener focus on stealth and more open environments. What was particularly notable about the live showing was that the game suffered a glitch that resulted in Nathan Drake falling through the game world to his demise. All officially archived footage of the gameplay demo understandably omitted the glitch, however.

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