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An Action Movie in a Game

I really enjoyed this game.  It's not that often that I come across a game where I actually look forward to seeing what happens next in the story.  That was the case with this game.

The protagonist of this game is Drake, a treasure hunter in search of a lost treasure from Eldorado.  The gameplay takes place in gorgeous jungles and Aztec temples.  Visually the game was absolutely wonderful.   

The combat was a stop and pop action where you utilize cover to take out enemies, and this worked well.  So well that I wish other games utilized the same system (GTA 4 comes to mind).  The game encourages alternating combat styles exploration  to unlock various in-game achievements (some of which may be linked to Trophies when Uncharted is updated).  This increased the replay-ability for me with a game that I would generally beat and never touch again.

My primary complaint with this game is the lack of development of the story.  The excellent voice acting and beautiful graphics of this game had me very interested in what was going to happen next, however I felt as though the story failed to really attach me to the characters as well as it could have.  The bad guys were just folks with catchy names and mysterious motives.   I would have loved to see more details from the story.

Overall this is a solid game worth playing for anyone who is a fan of adventure games.  This is going to be a series that Incognito will likely be milking for a long time to come. 


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