Patch 1.02 is out if anyone cares.

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Today Bend studios came out with the new patch (patch 1.02) for Uncharted Golden Abyss. The patch brings a number of improvements :-

  1. Black-market transaction frequency increases (this would help us get those pesky bounty sets)
  2. Changes in the Black Market Menu
  3. Adjusted difficulty for 'Crushing' mode (It is a bit easier now in comparison)
  4. Statistics are not reset (thank GOD)
  5. Network connection is not interrupted during the game
  6. Improved Trophy verification

This update is majorly helpful for trophy hunters trying to get the platinum in my opinion. So do any of you actually care? :P

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I know this game sold a bunch, but it is interesting to see that someone somewhere was still working on this game enough to patch it. It just doesn't feel...right for some reason or another.

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1.10 UC3 patch next week.

Lab returns whoo!!!

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